Bissell Steam Mop – Review

This isn’t a sexy post but a real life Covid cleaning review. I have always been a bit clean freak and I love to clean – weird I know, but I find it therapeutic – this can be addressed in another post.

I’m always looking for new, environmental and efficient ways to appease my cleaning obsession and I think I’ve found it. I recently bought a Bissell steam mop for my hardwood floors and I want to let you know it’s a life changer. I don’t know why I never got on this train before but now that I have, I may never leave. 

I have 2 pups who are bougie and don’t shed and the condo gets dusty just because they have been working on a construction project not too far from me. I thought vacuuming and using my Bona was good – then I invested in this steam mop and I can’t say enough about it. The first time I used it I knew we were meant for each other. The dirt (yes dirt!) that it picked up was incredible. I also noticed that less dust and hair accumulated before my next full cleaning.

I got my steam mop on sale for around $135 CDN through the Bissell Canada website. It’s quiet, it’s compact (great for small places), it works and it’s environmental – just filtered water which becomes a heavy-duty steam.

If you want to clean with steam instead of chemicals this one’s for you. You will not be disappointed.


Just a drop..or maybe three

A few months back my co-worker came into my office to inform me that she had a bathroom emergency but that I should not worry because she had ‘Just a Drop’ with her. I was intrigued; what is this ‘Just a Drop’ that you speak of?

photo (3)

‘Just a Drop’ is a bathroom odor eliminator that effectively traps and eliminates 98% of odors BEFORE they escape into the air.  Yup you can now say for reals that your shit don’t stink!

I had to get me some and YES it does work! You may need a couple of drops depending on how long you have been fermenting or what you ate the night before but it will work. This product has been a god send! Now that I am in a new relationship I’d rather not scare him away with any possible foulness that I may be eliminating, and ‘Just a Drop’ is the answer. Yes girls can be fowl!

Also ladies this is a good product to have in your bathroom in case you have a potential boy toy with irritable bowel syndrome. You will save him the embarrassment from stinking up your place and save you from not having to smell his foulness. Win, Win!


Irish Spring the secret aphrodisiac…

Irish Spring

Ladies recently my lover, boy toy, future baby daddy, and I have been slowly merging our two separate families into one happy love den.  The other day he brought over his toiletries and when he left for work yesterday he smelt SO good.

He has been using my shampoo’s and body washes for the last few weeks; so when he came into the room to kiss me goodbye smelling all manly fresh (rather than girlie fresh) I was overcome with desire, primal lusting …you get the idea. After he left, I ran into the bathroom to see what he could have used to leave him smelling so yummy. Then I saw it, the green bar of sexy smelling goodness… Irish Spring!

Not only will your man smell irresistible when he first gets out of the shower but the smell lasts all day. After a long day of thinking about his new man scent, then coming home to it…well let’s just say he is probably writing his thank you letter to the makers of Irish Spring and running out to Costco to buy a case of it right now!

Actually it’s me that is going to buy him all the different Irish Spring scents; it could be a new adventure with every scent. Thanks Irish Spring!!!!

Gals go out tonight and buy your man a bar of Irish Spring, you will be 100% satisfied. Please remember there is no need to thank me, I have your back!


Celestial Seasonings Holiday Tea – Candy Cane Lane Green Tea

Christmas in a cup!

Christmas in a cup!

I love this time of year; the festive decorations, the lights on the trees, candy canes, gingerbread cookies and most of all the seasonal products. I have just stumbled upon Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Green Tea. I love it!

Candy Cane Lane lives up to its name…It tastes just like candy canes. If you love peppermint you’ll love this tea. It’s Christmas comfort in a mug!

Not only are you getting the health benefits of green tea it makes you feel like you are getting a sweet treat without the sugar or calories and it leaves a nice minty taste in your mouth. This tea is also decaffeinated so it is great tea to have a night while unwinding from a stressful day.

Give it a try and have a little Christmas in a cup.

Single-Gals Approved

50 Shades of Grey…I’m not getting it.

I wrote about this book back in May when I was about 100 pages into it and I was intrigued to find out about Christian Grey but since then I have read another 100 pages and I can’t get into the hype. I was all for some erotic fiction but this book now irritates me.

50 Shades of Grey is about a relatioship between Christian Grey a millionaire that’s into bondaged discipline, sadism, and masochism and his submissive Anastasia Steele. In short he makes her sign a contract giving all control of her life over to him. I may not be having hot sex at this moment but I would not sign a contract allowing someone to have total control over me even in my desperate state.  Nor would I let them have total control as to what they stick into my various orifices. I deal with controlling people on a day-to-day basis; I do not find them appealing or sexy and I definitely do not want one as a lover.

Let’s talk about the leading man; Christian Grey is a strikingly handsome millionaire?! Yes I realize its erotic fiction but let’s be a little more realistic. If I am going into fantasy land it should be a somewhat attainable fantasy such has a sordid sex affair with the tall sexy beast at the gym (just something off the top of my head but you get the idea).  Rich control freaks are not hot, if you want to get caught up with a hot leading man I recommend reading ‘Outlander’ or ‘A Place Called Freedom’.  Both these men are sweet, sexy, intelligent and manly; plus the stories are a great read.

I’m grateful that I did not buy all three books because they will never be read by me and I am not sure I can even finish the one that I have. Does it get better? Is there any more to this story, I need some substance and so far there isn’t enough to keep me interested in Christine Grey.

I like fluff reading as much as the next gal but I realized that erotic fiction is not for me. I am now jumping off the 50 Shades of grey bandwagon.

Any recommendation for what I should read next?


Coors Light Ice T tastes like old man

In March, Molson Coors introduced Coors Light Iced T. Coors Light Iced T (C.L.I.T) promises beer drinkers a light and lively brew, comprising the sweet maltiness of Coors Light – Canada’s favorite light beer – with a blend of natural tea and lemon flavors. My response to this is WHY?!

I’m not sure who Coors had in mind when they made this product, was this to get more girls to drink beer? As a girl who likes to drink beer, Coors light beer to be exact. C.L.I.T  is an epic fail! I tried it this past weekend and it tasted like an old alcoholic man. You know the man who has been drinking for so long that alcohol seeps out of his pores, so in order to hide the smell he doused himself in Aqua Velva. The smell of Aqua Velva is so strong that it singes your nose hairs and gets into your mouth, and even after drinking a gallon of water to can’t get rid of the taste. That is the new flavour that Molson Coors decided was going to win over the ladies, last time I checked we gals do not like the taste of an old drunk!

I admit the ads for C.L.I.T are great, they make it look refreshing, mouth-watering and tasty. It is easy to see why none beer drinkers would be tempted to try C.L.I.T. and there may even be a few beer drinkers that have been converted. However with all the money that Molson Coors spent on advertising C.L.I.T they should have reduced the price of Coors Light; why mess with Canada’s favorite light beer. Beer is beer, if you like you like it, if you don’t you don’t!

Molson Coors if you want to gear more to the female market, why not make you current advertising more female friendly, show some gals at the cottage drinking beers and watching the hot buffed landscapers trimming the bushes. You get the idea!

Single Gals Disapprove

To Shellac Your Nails or Not to Shellac

Single girls if you don’t get mani’s and pedi’s please book an appointment now and treat yourself. Like your hair, your make-up, your grooming, your skin care routine, you need to take care of your nails. The big thing for nails is Shellac. What is Shellac you may ask? Well according to my brother in law it’s a car polish for your nails, instead of polish and dry, the process is polish and UV onto your nails.

My verdict on Shellac is that it is a must for your hands. If you have ever experienced the feeling of walking out of the nail bar and a minute later ruining your nails, then you will find Shellac a God send. The colour lasts for approx. 10 – 14 days and if you don’t mind nail re-growth (which I do) you could probably have it on for a lot longer. Another option to eliminate the re-growth bother is to get a French manicure, again not my thing but if it works for you this is another great option.

There is a downside to Shellac in that you can’t use regular polish to get it off and the removal process is a lot longer (approx. 10 minutes a hand). Most nail bars will remove the polish for you, but my inner Martha Stewart and laziness of going back to the nail bar has resulted in me removing my own polish. The removal process does take time and I won’t bore you with the details except to let you know that you will need to get 100% acetone polish remover. There are many “How to remove Shellac Polish” videos on Youtube so please refer to  one  of them for the step-by-step process.

I don’t feel the need to Shellac my toenails, as I don’t have any issues with the regular polish and dry system. As with any polish Shellac should only be done sporadically. Your nails need to breath and be free but for holidays and special occasions where nails need to last it’s a great option.

Have you Shellac-ed your nails?  How long did it last for you?  Would you recommend this, let us know your thoughts.

Gluten Free Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

I love chocolate chip cookies! I do not eat them every day but they are my guilty pleasure when I have a sweet craving. I’m  trying to cut out processed foods from my diet and yet I hate to bake so when I am out at my local health food store I always check to see what brands of Chocolate Chip cookies they have. I have tried many, most were like eating saw dust, dry and woodsy tasting.  Today I stumbled across this cookie made locally here in Toronto at Hub  Locavorium Bakery, so I thought what the hell I will give it a try. The girl at the counter was raving about it and she was right this cookie is delish! It’s got the right amount of chewiness, not to sweet and totally yummy. All the ingredients are organic, it’s Gluten and GMO free. For my gal pals  following the weight watchers plan this cookie is 3 points. So you can have a weekly treat and not feel guilty about it.



Single Gals Approved!

Cool Racerback Tank …by Lulu Lemon

I love the Cool Racerback tank ..LOVE IT! Over a year ago I started working with a trainer at my gym, and he would have me doing mountain climbers and other floor moves where my t-shirt would ride up. I felt very exposed and self conscious because my giggly bits are hanging out for all to see.  I went to Lulu Lemon and asked the girl if she had any suggestion as what I can do to keep my shirt in place. Her suggestion was the racerback tank top. It cost $39.00 and worth every penny.
I wear mine under my favourite Lulu Lemon T-shirt and I never have to worry about my giggle bits getting free. I love it because it fits perfectly, is long and stays put. I have about 4 of them now and recently after a year of use and washing I had to throw one out because the bottom was getting warped and not fitting as nicely as it use to.  It took over a year for my tank to show signs of distress, so that $39 dollar investment more than paid itself.
Whether you are into yoga, boxing, weight training etc. this tank will stay put!

Single Gals Approved!

The Miraclesuit

It’s almost bathing suit season so I think I should tell you gals how awesome my Miraclesuit bathing suit is. Last year I had ordered the Escape Miraclesuit:
Perfectly sculpted to draw the eye upward, narrowing the waist and accentuating the bust. The Escape features an underwire/foam bra, which together with a plunging neckline with unique cutout, maximizes the bust. Side shirring creates waistline definition.
I’ll be honest when it first got delivered to me I thought it looked awful and I ended up putting the suit back in the box and hiding it in my closet.In February I took it with me to Costa Rica because I needed another suit for that vacation and figured since I spend $150.00 on it I may as well use it. I loved it! I got so many complements! I still look the same as the first time I tired it on but I was in a better mind set. It was so faltering, sexy and I felt good in it (the compliments helped with that). I ordered my suit online at it took about two weeks to get delivered to me in Toronto. I also found out that specialty shops carry these suits as well.  If you are going to order online the measurements are accurate and reading the reviews about the suits also helps ensure that you get a good fit. For my suit I went a size up, and it fit perfectly as it turns out if you have a longer torso you will need a size bigger than you normally take. The material is great it can withstand a week of surfing, my other suit that I alternated with, frayed a bit after a couple of surfing sessions. If you are going to be lounging around the beach and frolicking in the ocean this suit will last forever.
Single Gals Approved! 

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