Five things NOT to say to a Single Gal…

1)      Why are you single?  – This is usually followed-up up with a list of all our awesome qualities. I know the person saying this intends for it to be a compliment.  HOWEVER…

 The Single Gal interprets this as ‘OMG if I am so awesome WHY am I single? I must need to lose weight, stop fidgeting, be more serious etc.’ whatever we think our flaws are we will now start to obsess even more over them.

2)      You have a date? Why is HE single at 30-40 (etc.) something?  – If I can be an awesome single why can’t my potential date be just as awesome – a normal funny guy with a run of bad luck in the dating minefield.

 Saying this to a Single Gal will make her look for flaws therefore sabotaging the date before it has happened. Also this plagues our mind that people are saying the same thing about us to our potential date – Why is SHE single?

 3)      It will happen when you’re not looking for  IT – Contrary to popular belief we Single Gals are not always looking for IT (a.k.a The One, Happily Ever After, Soul Mate, Baby Daddy). After spending a certain amount of time in Singledom you give up on finding IT.

 Single Gals know this is just a polite way of saying ‘Sorry Girlfriend but you’re going to be single for a while so suck it up. I’m tired of hearing about you man less woes’

 4)      Maybe you should try online dating / Maybe you should try online dating again – When you say this to us you are confirming that we have officially been single way too long and you are starting to worry.

 If your Single pal has not tried online dating she is probably lying because we all hit that wall of desperation where online dating actually seems like a good idea. If she hasn’t told you it’s because she is embarrassed that after 3 months she did not get a date, or she is hiding her shame of desperation.

 If your Single Gal pal has tried online dating and it was a disaster… forget it she will never do it again.  Regardless of the friend whose cousin’s – sister-in-law’s – doctor’s – nanny’s daughter who met her husband online.

5)      We know this great guy you should meet – This is the most painful of all. When a Single Gal is told of a potential great guy, we go against our better judgement and actually get hopeful.  We are secretly hoping you will make it happen and that YES he is a great guy. Therefore when nothing comes of this, but the occasional oh we should really get you to meet so and so you are toying with our fragile emotional state. Even the most confident, secure, happy Single Gal will let the wall down a bit to indulge in the belief they are going to meet a great guy.

Even though your intentions are pure of heart you need to remember that we Single Gals are fragile somewhat desperate beings that have probably not been laid in a long while or had any male contact therefore putting us on the defensive.

Instead of trying to make us feel better about our Single status why not take your Single Gal pal out for drinks and be her wing woman.

How safe are your belongings?

I was out walking the dog one evening and we ran into another dog owner. I discovered that there are two types of dog owners; ones that like to chit-chat and those that almost choke their dogs to death trying to pull the dog past you so they do not have to make small talk. This girl (Chatty Cathy) was defiantly the chit-chat type (this type varies from the mild – they will talk about the weather and your pets to the extreme – they will tell you their health problems, building gossip or anything thing that happens to be on their mind) and that day what happened to be on Chatty Cathy’s mind was her recent pickpocketing incident.

Earlier in the week Chatty Cathy was on the subway and someone took her wallet right out of her oversized bag. However this five-fingered thief was caught on video because her wallet was a giant multi-colored eyesore that stood out on camera. They police arrest the culprit and gave Chatty Cathy praises for having such a hideous wallet.  She also went on to tell me that the Toronto transit system is rampant with pickpockets and that police have tried to catch them for a long while.

This got me to thinking; I never considered being pickpocketed in my backyard. I get on the crowded subways with my oversize gym bag and my wallet is in the front pocket, easy to take if I am not paying attention. Yet it was never a thought until I ran into Chatty Cathy.

When traveling, there are warnings everywhere telling you to protect your belongings.  In Italy our hotel manager told us to walk with our purse in front of us when in the crowded tourist areas …Shouldn’t that rule also apply in our hometowns. Pickpocketing is a crime of opportunity so why should we give anyone the opportunity to take our stuff.

Ladies we can learn from Chatty Cathy, she is a reminder that we should always secure our belongings. I don’t think we need to buy ugly wallets, just make sure they are inside your bag and zipped up.

What safety precautions do you take when out and about?

Do you need to break up with your food?

This blog post is probably not going to help my single status but I think this is something that needs to be shared. In the past couple of years I have developed food intolerances.

Food intolerance – Occur when the body is unable to deal with a certain type of foodstuff. This is usually because the body doesn’t produce enough of the particular chemical or enzyme that’s needed for digestion of that food.

My definition of a food intolerance would be uncontrollable passing of gas. Stomach bloating so bad that people will ask ‘So when are you due?’ thinking that you’re ready to give birth that second. Stomach cramps that have you doubled over in pain and praying that you will let rip the mother of all farts in hope of alleviating some of the pain. You smell like you’re a rotting on the inside. Granted anything coming out of your ass generally does not smell good but if you are having a reaction to your food it’s like rotten garbage sitting in the sun for weeks on end. Weight gain, some people are lucky and experience weigh loss but not this gal! You go from extreme bouts of constipation to 20 minutes bathroom sprints for a day maybe two. The bathroom sprints make you happy you are having a movement but by trip number 3 you begin to wonder just how full of shit you really are.

Two years back I was in my night school class studying Nutritional Symptomology when we started discussing the difference between food allergies and intolerances. As the teacher was going through the symptoms of an intolerance I realized he was talking about my issues. Finally it made sense, but the big question now was what am I intolerant to?

One way to find out if you have intolerances is to do an elimination diet. Eliminate the following foods Eggs, Dairy (includes cheese, yogurt, butter, chocolate), Soy, nuts, wheat and sweeteners; since they are the biggest culprits for food allergies and intolerances. Then slowly add them back into your diet and see if you have symptoms, remember you do not get an immediate reaction, you may feel symptoms the next day or even two days later.

Or you can visit a naturopath and get a get a blood test that specifically tests for food intolerances. Our doctors test for allergies not intolerances. This blood test can be costly but it’s a quick way to see what your issue are. This is the route that I went and I found out that I am intolerant to dairy, eggs, corn, kidney beans, almonds, and brewer’s yeast. I’m not gonna lie I shed a tear over this because this was going to change my life. Brewer’s yeast I love a cold beer on the patio in the summer sun with friends, DAIRY can anyone live without it!

When I eliminated these foods I felt great, got my will to live back (okay I’m just being dramatic) but I did feel like a new person. I even noticed that my skin looked better, I had more energy and my mood did not fluctuate. Hey when you are not walking around like a 9 month pregnant women waiting for the mother of all farts to be released; you are going to feel nothing but happy thoughts.

However I have relapsed, I am back to where I started and I feel awful. It’s hard when you’re single and a big part of your social life is having dinners and drinks with the girls every month, in the summer it’s about every two weeks. So YES I relapsed somewhere between the beers, poutine and nachos I hit rock bottom. I need to break up with my food once again. I know some of my friends find it hard to believe that beer and cheese  are my issues but it’s the sad cold truth. I also know it is hard to understand until you go through it. As much as I love those things I HAVE to give them up! It’s for my health and well-being.

On the plus side I will lose the extra weight I have gained, my skin will glow, I will not look preggo and no longer will I be spewing toxic fumes from my ass. It all good! I’ll miss my cheese and beer but I will get over it, they are not things I have every day and I can switch to wine right?

If any of this resonates with you I highly recommend you take the next step and get tested for food intolerances. Remember when you start feeling better still avoid those foods, because the symptoms will come back. Sadly when we are feeling good we forget what is was like when we weren’t feeling so great. Maybe take a picture of your bloated, pimply self and stick it on the fridge as a reminder and motivation.

Good Luck and remember you are not alone!






To Shellac Your Nails or Not to Shellac

Single girls if you don’t get mani’s and pedi’s please book an appointment now and treat yourself. Like your hair, your make-up, your grooming, your skin care routine, you need to take care of your nails. The big thing for nails is Shellac. What is Shellac you may ask? Well according to my brother in law it’s a car polish for your nails, instead of polish and dry, the process is polish and UV onto your nails.

My verdict on Shellac is that it is a must for your hands. If you have ever experienced the feeling of walking out of the nail bar and a minute later ruining your nails, then you will find Shellac a God send. The colour lasts for approx. 10 – 14 days and if you don’t mind nail re-growth (which I do) you could probably have it on for a lot longer. Another option to eliminate the re-growth bother is to get a French manicure, again not my thing but if it works for you this is another great option.

There is a downside to Shellac in that you can’t use regular polish to get it off and the removal process is a lot longer (approx. 10 minutes a hand). Most nail bars will remove the polish for you, but my inner Martha Stewart and laziness of going back to the nail bar has resulted in me removing my own polish. The removal process does take time and I won’t bore you with the details except to let you know that you will need to get 100% acetone polish remover. There are many “How to remove Shellac Polish” videos on Youtube so please refer to  one  of them for the step-by-step process.

I don’t feel the need to Shellac my toenails, as I don’t have any issues with the regular polish and dry system. As with any polish Shellac should only be done sporadically. Your nails need to breath and be free but for holidays and special occasions where nails need to last it’s a great option.

Have you Shellac-ed your nails?  How long did it last for you?  Would you recommend this, let us know your thoughts.

Single Gals Guide to Home Ownership

It’s time I grow up or at least commit to something and unfortunately my car doesn’t count. So a couple of years back I decided to start looking for a condo. I had been on the fence for so long that I finally signed on the dotted line.

I bought a pre-construction condo in the Queen East part of DT. I like the area, I like my unit and I liked how things just fell into place. It’s not a large space but it’s my space, so what’s not to like?

In all honesty my purchase didn’t really hit me until this year. Sounds weird but I didn’t even blink when I wrote 4 large cheques but now that it’s coming closer to my condo being a reality I finally am feeling it.

I don’t know how many of you ladies have taken this step by yourself and trust me I wouldn’t have thought I would be doing this on my own but I am and I did and I couldn’t be happier.

Here are some things I have learned along the way.

  1. Save – You don’t want to be house poor and if you’re single you definitely don’t want to not have money for a social life. Save all you can so that your mortgage payments are low.
  2. Don’t buy above your means. – See point number 1, you don’t want to be house poor and you still want to go out so don’t buy something you can’t afford.
  3. Make sure you have a plan.                                                                                                                        a)Plan how much you want to spend, where you want to live etc…

This isn’t a new dress or shoes, this is a house or condo in my case, so make sure you love it.

4. Don’t be afraid to talk to people about mortgages, interest rates, ways to save etc…Your friends and family are free and the insights they can provide could save you a lot of time and money.

5.Don’t think you have to have it all done at once. I was stressing myself out thinking I needed to have my place all set when I moved in. This isn’t going to happen and it’s not a big deal. Take things as they come and don’t worry if you’re sitting on pillows for 8 weeks waiting for your new sofa.

Last but not least, enjoy every moment. You have worked really hard to own property, take pride in that and know that you have done something for yourself.

BTW – I know my condo will be delayed and I should find out this month for how long, so wish me luck, I really want to be in by the end of the year.

Queen B

So you’re thinking about coloring your own hair? Here are some tips from a pro…

Listen ladies, as a beauty professional I understand that salons aren’t cheap! Actually, as a beauty professional I personally think that you can be seriously ripped off and taken advantage of at the salon. So I completely understand why one would consider coloring their own hair at home using…. Box Dye!! Ugh I even hate the sound of the words!

Unfortunately for us box dyes have not really come a long way.

It is my understanding that box dyes have a higher peroxide level in their product (which you probably don’t need to color your hair), hence your hair being dry damaged and fuzzy after multiple box dye usages. Also, never believe that you can lighten your own hair with a box dye and it will come out a nice sunny blonde. We’ve all had that friend who applied “Golden Honeycomb” to their brown hair and it really came out “Vitamin Pee Yellow.”  Box Dyes do not have the capacity to lighten and tone your darker hair! I have only met few who have had success with this and that is only because their hair  was already light, never been colored or 75% gray!

Finally, even though you buy the same box dye color over and over again please don’t assume it’s going to be the same color. Because of the low price of the product, the fact that they can possibly be on those retail shelves for years and the quality of the chemicals used, proves high risk the color will not be that “hazelnut brown” every time.

For tips on coloring your own hair at home see below:

1 – MOST  important! Do not try to lighten your own hair more than one or two shades with a box dye. You will only end up paying extra to get it fixed in the salon. You will also cause serious damage as to fix it more chemicals will have to be used on your hair.

2- If you only need your roots done, try to only apply the color to your roots. If you apply all over your head all the time the ends of your hair will only get darker and darker (think of layering coats of  paint).

3- If you want to refresh the ends of your hair due to fading, only comb the color down in the last 5-10 mins. This means taking a medium tooth comb, and spreading the color from your roots down using the comb.

4- If you are going from light to dark, choose a color that has a warm tone to it like caramel brown, or auburn. Chocolate browns and blacks will turn your lighter hair a soupy grey color because they have cool tones to them ( think of putting blue/purple on yellow)

5 – If your hair is already damaged skip the box dye and go to a professional. A bad hair dresser probably can’t damaged your hair anymore then the box dye and at least your odds are better with a professional.

6- If you screw up don’t try to fix it yourself!

7- Black is never a good idea when it comes to box dye, unless your natural hair color is actually black and u want to cover up some grays!

Obviously when it comes to coloring hair, it is my advice to save up and consult a professional, however not all of us can afford this luxury. So if you’re going to use a box dye try to follow the simple rules above or do your own research! There is  tones of information on the net these days to satisfy your home coloring cravings!

“Best Friends Never Have Bad Hair Days”


– Glamour Girl

The Single Gals vacation tips:

We have polled our panel of single ladies as to what they do to prepare for vacation so here are the top 10 things we ladies should check off our list:
1)      Get make sure to remove all excess or unwanted hair below the waist or wherever you have stray hairs running amuck. Gals you do not want to be worried about shaving your legs daily. Take care of that before you leave, you’ll be glad you did.
2)      Get a pedicure especially if you are going somewhere tropical. You do not want your knarely winter toes poking out of your cute sling backs. 
3)      Bring condoms, ladies you have to be prepared for all things… even a chance at a HOT fling.
4)      Pack your matching panties and bras sets, just in case you need to use tip #3. 
5)      Get a travel plan for your cell phone.  Just a basic text messaging plan will suffice just in case you get separated from the gal pal that you are traveling with. This way you can text his hotel room #.  You always have to make sure that your gal pal is safe.
6)      Pack one pair of sexy heels, your favourite dress and make sure you have one glam night while away, this more than likely result in having to use your data plan.
7)      Get a manicure… if your toes are going to be pretty so should your hands.
8)      Make sure to pack a bathing suit, flip flops, change of gitch and a sundress in your carry-on just in case you and your luggage get separated.
9)      Bring Gravol and Advil, you party girls know this is a must!
10)   Make sure your passport is up to date.
Now you are set for the vacation! Grab your luggage, your traveling gal pal and hit the friendly skies. Wherever your Single Gal travels take you, have fun, be safe and be your fabulous selves and let the world unfold.
Happy Travels,

How to tell if a guy is flirting with you…

Apparently I am clueless as to it comes to men flirting with me, I cannot tell if it just friendly conversation or flirting. Last week after my drum lesson I was waiting for the elevator when this guy comes up said ‘Hi’, then when he noticed my drum sticks and music book he asked if there are notes in drumming? We chat about music and he said he used to play the trumpet in his high school band but had to stop because his lips were too big. I did not think you could not play an instrument because of big lips. So I tell the girls this and all three of them said in unison “He’s was flirting with you!!” I was shocked; according to them he wanted me to check out his lips (granted I did notice them after his comment).
This makes me wonder am I missing signals?  If so what signals have I missed? Since it turns out I am clueless to the male flirting ritual I had to Google the matter. Here are the most common signs that a man is flirting with you:
  • The cowboy Stance – he’ll probably lock his thumbs in his belt or belt loops, point his fingers downwards, spread his legs about shoulder distance apart and tilt his head to one side.  – Note: A male does this to get you to focus on his groin with finger pointed downwards… Okay I am definitely going be on the lookout for this sign.
  •  Touches hair or faceThis means he is preening for you…awe even the Alpha male will subconsciously try to make himself pretty for you.
  •  Sock Adjustment – If a guy pulls up or adjusts his socks in your presence, it’s an almost 100 percent sign he’s interested and trying to look his best.
  •  He teases youEven though boys grow up they still like to tease the girls they like.
  •  He maintains eye contact – This means he is interested in what you have to say and is mesmerized by you.
So next time you talk to a hottie watch to see if he is pointing at his groin, touching himself while keeping eye contact with you..Chances are he likes you and if he takes his hands away from his groin to pull up his socks you’re IN! Feel free to make your move!
Happy flirting ladies and I hope the object of your affection pulls up his socks for you!

Self Defense..It may save your life

Last night I was blissfully walking through the underground parking of my building. I was daydreaming and not paying attention to my surroundings, when all of a sudden out of nowhere this man appeared. He was not a threat to me but I realized had he been I would never have seen him coming. Girls…We should always be aware of what’s going on around us! This does not mean we have to walk around in fear; if we are aware we can avoid situations if needed.
Having grown up in one of Toronto’s less desirable neighbourhoods I learned a few survival tricks. One of the first things that someone showed me was to walk with my house keys between my fingers. They now become a weapon; you can use them to take someone’s eyes out (thankfully I never had to use them). 
Next you must know how to get away if someone grabs your wrists. It’s very simple and YES is does work! I did this move instinctively. I was walking home from work one evening and as I walk past this man on the sidewalk he grabs my wrist with both hands and tells me that he wants me to go with him to Pizza Hut for a drink. I said NO and tried to pull away but his grip tightened. He kept insisting that I go with him, and I kept telling him NO, he was getting more aggressive and I was getting more fearful when I finally clasped my hands together, twisted my wrist and pulled free. Once free I ran as fast as my legs would go, which it seems is lightening speed. This video shows how this is done, I should have kicked him as well but once free I ran. Do what you need to get free.

Also there is the tried and true kicking him in the groin not sure why I didn’t do that..funny you never know what you’ll do in those situations. Your instincts will kick in but it helps to know some basic self defense moves because they may save your life. If you can get your hands on some mace do it. I am not sure why it is illegal in Canada but I rather go to court because I used my illegal mace than become a statistic.
Here are some links to basic self defense moves..I highly recommend taking a Self Defense class it may save your life.
Safe travels!

You’re Glowing…

Today I was told that my skin looks great, my face is glowing…What are you doing differently? Is it a new cream? Fess up tell me your secret…I was flattered and a bit flabbergasted for I’ve done nothing different, and said so. I’m not sure that I was believed so I got to thinking what would prompt this glowing change. Was is the fact that I was wearing my BIG puffy jacket that’s fit for -30 degrees when it was only 0 degrees outside therefore causing me to be overheated and flushed? Was it the copious amount of chocolate blueberries that I have been eating; giving me a double dose of antioxidants?
Then it dawns on me, it water! As I go fill up my water jug for the fourth time, I realize this is what I am doing differently. In the summer getting 3 -4 litres of water a day is easy. My water consumption was drastically decreased due to the holidays which consisted of beers; red wine and the occasional shooter (don’t judge me). Now that we have entered the New Year and the festivities have come to a halt I am back to my old routine of gym and healthier habits. Therefore in the last couple of days I’ve been eating more fruits and veggies rather than chocolates, street meat and booze (once again don’t judge me). The biggest change is my water consumption, after three days of 3-4 litres a day my skin is glowing. Ladies I know that drinking 3 litres of water is harder to do in winter, but you can also get water from your fruits, veggies, and herbal teas (try to stick with caffeine free since caffeine is a diuretic).
I’ve said it before but I do believe that water is the fountain of youth, so drink up! Save yourself the money on expensive skin creams, just drink 3-4 litres of water a day and I guarantee someone will ask you what your secret is.
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