Cool Racerback Tank …by Lulu Lemon

I love the Cool Racerback tank ..LOVE IT! Over a year ago I started working with a trainer at my gym, and he would have me doing mountain climbers and other floor moves where my t-shirt would ride up. I felt very exposed and self conscious because my giggly bits are hanging out for all to see.  I went to Lulu Lemon and asked the girl if she had any suggestion as what I can do to keep my shirt in place. Her suggestion was the racerback tank top. It cost $39.00 and worth every penny.
I wear mine under my favourite Lulu Lemon T-shirt and I never have to worry about my giggle bits getting free. I love it because it fits perfectly, is long and stays put. I have about 4 of them now and recently after a year of use and washing I had to throw one out because the bottom was getting warped and not fitting as nicely as it use to.  It took over a year for my tank to show signs of distress, so that $39 dollar investment more than paid itself.
Whether you are into yoga, boxing, weight training etc. this tank will stay put!

Single Gals Approved!

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