50 Shades of Grey…I’m not getting it.

I wrote about this book back in May when I was about 100 pages into it and I was intrigued to find out about Christian Grey but since then I have read another 100 pages and I can’t get into the hype. I was all for some erotic fiction but this book now irritates me.

50 Shades of Grey is about a relatioship between Christian Grey a millionaire that’s into bondaged discipline, sadism, and masochism and his submissive Anastasia Steele. In short he makes her sign a contract giving all control of her life over to him. I may not be having hot sex at this moment but I would not sign a contract allowing someone to have total control over me even in my desperate state.  Nor would I let them have total control as to what they stick into my various orifices. I deal with controlling people on a day-to-day basis; I do not find them appealing or sexy and I definitely do not want one as a lover.

Let’s talk about the leading man; Christian Grey is a strikingly handsome millionaire?! Yes I realize its erotic fiction but let’s be a little more realistic. If I am going into fantasy land it should be a somewhat attainable fantasy such has a sordid sex affair with the tall sexy beast at the gym (just something off the top of my head but you get the idea).  Rich control freaks are not hot, if you want to get caught up with a hot leading man I recommend reading ‘Outlander’ or ‘A Place Called Freedom’.  Both these men are sweet, sexy, intelligent and manly; plus the stories are a great read.

I’m grateful that I did not buy all three books because they will never be read by me and I am not sure I can even finish the one that I have. Does it get better? Is there any more to this story, I need some substance and so far there isn’t enough to keep me interested in Christine Grey.

I like fluff reading as much as the next gal but I realized that erotic fiction is not for me. I am now jumping off the 50 Shades of grey bandwagon.

Any recommendation for what I should read next?


Have him at Hello

I’ve just finished reading “have him at HELLO confessions from 1000 guys about what makes them fall in love …or never call back” by Rachel Greenwald a professional dating coach and matchmaker. Over a ten year period she had interviewed 1000 single men, asking them why they called one women back and not another.
If you are an avid dater and are always asking yourself “Why don’t any of the great ones call me back?” then you should read this book. Rachel incorporated the “Exit Interview” concept from the corporate world to the dating world.  She would call the dates that her clients felt went well but never got a call back for a second date and asked them why. Her research narrowed it down to different stereotypes that men considered date breakers. Some examples are the ‘Bitch in Boots’, ‘The Wino’ and ‘The Debbie Downer’. At the end of every date breaker is a check list to see if you fall under that category along with suggestions to help you date productively. Some of the stories will be a bit discouraging and will have you wonder why bother ala ‘The Blahs’ because you can’t win for trying. In truth we all have quirks and some quirks should not present themselves right away. This book is just a guide to help see if your quirks are dominating your date rather than letting the many facets of your wonderful self shine through. I think all the single ladies out there should read this book if not for dating advice but to get an idea of what men are thinking when they date.
You may be wondering what stereotype I fell under to be honest I could not find myself in the book. The reason being is my problem is not getting the call back it is getting the first date. It’s hard to tell what you’re doing wrong when you are not being given the chance to do it. I wonder if there is a book with advice on how to get a date without having to resort to online dating?


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