Coors Light Ice T tastes like old man

In March, Molson Coors introduced Coors Light Iced T. Coors Light Iced T (C.L.I.T) promises beer drinkers a light and lively brew, comprising the sweet maltiness of Coors Light – Canada’s favorite light beer – with a blend of natural tea and lemon flavors. My response to this is WHY?!

I’m not sure who Coors had in mind when they made this product, was this to get more girls to drink beer? As a girl who likes to drink beer, Coors light beer to be exact. C.L.I.T  is an epic fail! I tried it this past weekend and it tasted like an old alcoholic man. You know the man who has been drinking for so long that alcohol seeps out of his pores, so in order to hide the smell he doused himself in Aqua Velva. The smell of Aqua Velva is so strong that it singes your nose hairs and gets into your mouth, and even after drinking a gallon of water to can’t get rid of the taste. That is the new flavour that Molson Coors decided was going to win over the ladies, last time I checked we gals do not like the taste of an old drunk!

I admit the ads for C.L.I.T are great, they make it look refreshing, mouth-watering and tasty. It is easy to see why none beer drinkers would be tempted to try C.L.I.T. and there may even be a few beer drinkers that have been converted. However with all the money that Molson Coors spent on advertising C.L.I.T they should have reduced the price of Coors Light; why mess with Canada’s favorite light beer. Beer is beer, if you like you like it, if you don’t you don’t!

Molson Coors if you want to gear more to the female market, why not make you current advertising more female friendly, show some gals at the cottage drinking beers and watching the hot buffed landscapers trimming the bushes. You get the idea!

Single Gals Disapprove

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