T’is wedding season and we all know what that means…. Updos!!!

T’is wedding season and we all know what that means…. Updos!!! Now I know a lot of you hate updos, but in my opinion we all just need to relax and let that show in the styles we choose. Updos aren’t how they used to be. They used to be very detailed, really curly, poofy, slick and yes… Sparkly. Now, I find they are a bit more casual, not so polished looking and the curls aren’t as tight as before! (thank god)
So in lieu of the season I thought I would lend a few tips to those of you either getting married or in a bridal party or special event.FYI – when I say updo that also means half down do or all down curls/waves etc!

The best place to find ideas for updos is definitely on-line. Personally I think those $15 magazines are a rip! When looking for ideas you will need to consider what exactly your hair can and will do. If you have
straight thin hair you have to realize that your hair might not look as full in an updo as those in the picture.  Also when deciding on curls, you need to realize that the length of your hair is going to
shorten once curled. Finally for those of you with virgin (never colored) hair, this definitely makes it more difficult to style hair depending on your original texture. When hair is colored it has more “grit”
because it has been damaged and this will help get better results for curls and volume! So my suggestion is: if you do color your hair please have a fresh color done in time for your updo! If you don’t color your hair I’m not suggesting you do, just remember that virgin hair is slippery! Choosing a style for that special day really is all on you. It all depends on what you want.

Lately, the most recent styles have been the long loose flowing curls (which will require extensions a lot of times), messy buns (my suggestion for thin hair),  curly side pony tails ( which is cute and also
requires long hair) and of course the messy side bun! As said above these are more casual styles that will work for most of us! Now on the day of your updo please be sure your hair is clean. Washing your hair the night before is the best option, but forthose of you who must wash your hair in the morning; you better make sure it is dry when you go to the salon. As a hairstylist I can’t tell you how annoying it is when someone sits in my chair ready for their updo, with long thick damp hair!! Also, if you have a frizzier hair texture try to smooth out the crown with a round brush if possible. This will help make the style look smoother and save your hairstylist time! If you have a cowlick, especially in the bang area, try to smooth this down as well!

Remember, it is important that you communicate with your hairstylist so all is clear! It is also important that you have a good time and dance until your updo falls out!

Cheers and Happy Wedding Season!

"Best Friends Never Have Bad Hairdays!"

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