The Miraclesuit

It’s almost bathing suit season so I think I should tell you gals how awesome my Miraclesuit bathing suit is. Last year I had ordered the Escape Miraclesuit:
Perfectly sculpted to draw the eye upward, narrowing the waist and accentuating the bust. The Escape features an underwire/foam bra, which together with a plunging neckline with unique cutout, maximizes the bust. Side shirring creates waistline definition.
I’ll be honest when it first got delivered to me I thought it looked awful and I ended up putting the suit back in the box and hiding it in my closet.In February I took it with me to Costa Rica because I needed another suit for that vacation and figured since I spend $150.00 on it I may as well use it. I loved it! I got so many complements! I still look the same as the first time I tired it on but I was in a better mind set. It was so faltering, sexy and I felt good in it (the compliments helped with that). I ordered my suit online at it took about two weeks to get delivered to me in Toronto. I also found out that specialty shops carry these suits as well.  If you are going to order online the measurements are accurate and reading the reviews about the suits also helps ensure that you get a good fit. For my suit I went a size up, and it fit perfectly as it turns out if you have a longer torso you will need a size bigger than you normally take. The material is great it can withstand a week of surfing, my other suit that I alternated with, frayed a bit after a couple of surfing sessions. If you are going to be lounging around the beach and frolicking in the ocean this suit will last forever.
Single Gals Approved! 

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