What happens in Paris, gets written about on blogs….

So ladies, I know it’s been a while and I apologize for my lack of blogs but I’m here once again and the wait (I believe) is worth it …so I returned from Paris mid-June and had one of the most surreal experiences….I have to think that maybe all these years stating that I want true honesty from men (translation, if you want me just for sex say so and don’t pretend you want more) is a load of crap but then again maybe you hear the truth and you think to yourself someone is playing a cruel joke on me….

This is what happened….I left my friends and went on my own to buy a perfume I love. The shop is located near the Four Seasons off of George V which is part of the tri-fecta of streets that make up an exclusive shopping Mecca in Paris. So I was heading back to the Metro and was just approaching a corner and I see this handsome, tall, very well dressed gentlemen, looking my way. Considering I had my hair in a ponytail, was wearing a light sweater, a scarf and jeans I didn’t think he was looking at me but it was Paris so it was not an impossibility and even if he was looking no big deal. So I’m approaching the corner (right in front of Jean-Paul Gaultier) and he starts speaking to me in French, since my French isn’t the best and I was kind of in my own world, I told him “Je ne parle pas francais”. He then does a 360 and goes into perfect English, he asks me if I’m married, which I reply, “No”, he goes on to say “Hi, I’m Michael, what is your name”….as I’m about to respond he states in normal, everyday conversation “I would like to have sex with you”….Now I’m all for forward people who get to the point but I had to really think about this one 1. Did I hear him correctly….confirmed….2. Is there a French TV crew behind me waiting to jump up and say “C’est drole” or something to this effect…..I turn around and look behind and nothing….So I start laughing and tell him “I am good, thanks”….as I’m walking away he tells me to come back but all I could do was shake my head and laugh to myself….I was also thinking is this is my life in a nutshell…I see a handsome, tall stranger at a corner who tells me he wants to have sex with me and what do I do but walk away.

I have to say I was very flattered in some weird twisted way as this guy has balls and he did look cute but I guess the honesty I so desired didn’t exactly make me feel secure and in control which is what I think I was looking for…I have always heard the saying “be careful what you wish for” and now I’m hoping my other wishes aren’t in limbo because one of them did come true….

I am also kind of kicking myself because a part of me wishes that I said yes, even if it was to just see what happened…but you have to let go of the what ifs and realize that it wasn’t meant to be.

What I do know now is that if I get approached by another handsome man at a corner I may have to take him up on the offer….with that said if he had asked me for coffee or a drink I probably would have slept with him…Weird how things work out, I got what I wanted and turned it away, he didn’t get what he wanted and if he presented things another way he probably would have…

Queen B

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