My Gasssy Story

You know when you are in a new relationship and you want the guy to think that you wake up looking decent? And, if he is staying for several days in a row, that you are a sexy gal and as such, you certainly don’t fart (and girls don’t poop either, right?)!

At first I tried leaving a tiny bit of make-up on my eyes when going to bed, however I would wake up in the morning looking slightly raccoon-esque and frankly, looked terrible. So I completely gave up on that aspect and embraced the fact that I am simply someone that is not going to wake up looking pretty. So, let’s focus on the other……

I did not think I was a gassy person, but perhaps I just never noticed while sleeping alone. One evening in the middle of the night, I actually woke myself up with a toot! I immediately became wide awake and with sheer panic, opened my eyes to see if he was awake. Oh please God, be asleep! He was! I listened to his slow, even breathing and deducted that he wasn’t faking on my account. Phew!

On another more recent visit, we were out for a couple of drinks on his last night in town. I tell you this as my stomach never appreciates when I mix beer and wine in one sitting. Low and behold, I wake myself up the next morning with an unhappy belly and the stinkiest fart I have ever, ever had! It smelled so badly that I knew I was going to be caught this time! I opened my eyes slowly to look at him and ohhhhh……his eyes were open!!!! Ugggghhhh!

Internally I was dying (frankly, that’s what it smelled like too!) and he had a bit of a smirk but didn’t say anything. We had to get up super early so I could drive him to the airport so he simply got up and went to shower. What to do, what to do? Do I say anything? Do I make a joke? Do I blame him because no sexy woman would release toxic fumes like that!

In my humiliated state, I said nothing. We are usually kind of quiet when we know the end of our visit together is ending but I did not want THAT to be the last thing he remembered from his trip! Still, I said nothing……

About three days later, I get a text message from him, “hahahaha- omg I am still laughing. You were soooo stinky on Friday morning! And I was so polite I didn’t even make fun of you!” Well, there it was! He was having a good laugh several days later, which of course meant that it really was the last thing he remembered from our visit! Uggghhh! No, no, no!!!!! I wrote back that that wasn’t nice, my belly was upset that morning! I also decided to make light of the situation and have a laugh at myself too. “Hahaha- yes, I did not want your last memory of our visit to be of me being stinky!”

Admittedly, I have become somewhat neurotic about this now. However, girls fart too! If it happens again (please no!), I will handle it differently and not ignore the elephant in the room. I will make light of it, laugh, and/or blame my non-existant dog.

Commando Barbie


  1. Women fart just as much as men do, if not more so. It's been scientifically proven. It's just that men fart more shamelessly. For us farting is like marking our territory or something

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