Rock of Ages the Musical

Rock of Ages  takes place in 1987 on the Sunset Strip, Sherrie a small town girl meets Drew a Rock Star wanna be in LA’s most famous rock club “The Bourbon Room”. They fall in love while rockin out to Night Ranger, Bon Jovi, Warrant, Twisted Sister and more, just the way is happened back than.
It takes you back to a time when music was all about sex drugs and rock n roll. Rock Stars were dirty, wine coolers ruled and if you had a cell phone at that time you were definitely NOT Rock N Roll! I loved the intro announcement from David Coverdale, he tells us to turn our cell phones off and if you have to text during the show then you are a Douch Bag, well said David! The Cast was phenomenal, their voices were powerful and they did such a great job of making you believe that you were back in the 80’s. I have to admit my favorite character was Stacee Jaxx , the Dirty Rock Star of the show, what can I say I love Dirty Rock Stars. I think this is a must see, if you love rock music you will have a great time, even better if you love the 80’s glam scene. Girls, this would be a great girl’s night out event. Meet up for appetizers and some wine coolers, then head over to the show and bang your head!
Here is what other Single Gals followers said about the show:
“I thought it was comparable to seeing a rock concert 20 years ago!  One of the best nights out my husband and I have had in a long, long time.  We didn’t stop dancing”
“Sex, Drugs,(okay Alcohol) & Rock & Roll – Yep – Welcome back to the 80ies!  Alcohol in the audience, flicking your bic lighter in the air to show appreciation, singing along while waving your devil horns, just what the 80’s were all about.  A hilarious, feel good, 80ies Rock Broadway show!  If you’re a product of the 80ies it is a Must See. If you’re not – Enjoy the ride!”
 “Rock of Ages brought back so many fond memories of chokin’ on hairballs while doing the fandango on the sunset strip! Why can’t they write music this good anymore?” (translation: IT FREAKIN’ ROCKED)

Now go get your Rock on you will be glad you did.

This Show is Single Gals Approved

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