From textmessageless to plain ole’ dateless…

So last week I was complaining about text messaging and how it’s ruining the dating world and how we actually get to know and interact with people. I was anticipating an upcoming date and hoping the guy wasn’t a text messaging doucher…well, turns out he’s just a doucher because that date never happened.

I thought our plans were pretty final because the conversation went something like this;
Him: “blah, blah blah, I may have to work on Saturday but we could do something after, I could come out your way”
Me: “Ok that sounds good, we could also meet half way?”
Him: “No I don’t mind coming out there, I’ll call you at the end of the week to figure it out

I even told most of my friends about it. He never called, but he did text message me on Thursday to say he would be in touch.

Saturday rolls around and I got my hair did, worked out and still hadn’t heard from him. So I called him at 3pm and left him a message wondering if we were still on for that night. I got all gussied up…even put on a freakin dress. Then I get a text message from him at 6:30pm and I quote:

“Hey, at the cottage. Terrible reception. I’m coming back tomorrow morning. Any chance you’re around tomorrow aft? Have a good night.”

WTF?? Why would he have not just called earlier and told me he’s decided to go to the cottage for the weekend? I wouldn’t have cared. Is it just easier to do that sort of thing over text? Why are people so afraid to say things face to face anymore? I just don’t get it.

My responses back to him were very short, and he happened to call last night to see if we could do something this week. Even though I’m pretty put off by the whole situation and no longer enthusiastic about it, I feel like I should give it a shot since it’s been a while since I’ve even had a date and the pool of “semi” decent guys is forever shrinking. See I’m not even picky…I’m willing to go out with them even if they’re “semi” decent.

Are those butterflies we used to feel when we were younger ever going to happen again? Is it too late for us to have a normal first date with a decent person who doesn’t disappoint you right off the bat, is NOT self-absorbed, possessive, a texting maniac or boring, and who actually looks like their picture, pays for the bill and maybe even offers to pick you up? Are these things too much for a single-gal to ask for?

If anyone out there has any answers to the above questions please let us know. And keep in mind that we are not bitter…we are very open minded about who we go on first dates with and get very excited about them. We will pretty much give anyone a shot (do not take this out of context…we do have our preferences!) It’s just starting to seem like the crappy stories I hear and my own experiences are getting more and more common. It seems very rare that a first date ever makes it to a second date. No one seems to try anymore. I guess visiting mommy and daddy’s cottage for the weekend is more important than finding the love of your life.



  1. My answers to the above questions are… yes, hopefully not and hopefully not!!!! Good luck if you meet him…. let us know how it goes…..

  2. Ha, ha! Thanks Amanda – I'm glad you're remaining optimistic! I'll definitely keep you posted.

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