Smooth Lady like moves

Dear Single Gals

When it comes to guys, I’m not the most forward gal and definitely not so great with words. I like this guy and just can’t tell him. I’m wondering if it might be best to communicate my messages with body language? How do I begin to learn some sexy but subtle, smooth, lady like moves?”

Miss Pirouette Wannabee

Dear Miss Pirouette Wannabee,

We would love to help, but we are Single Gals after all and this question is beyond our expertise. However we have googled ‘How to seduce a man’ and here is what we have found:

1)Get your confidence up – Nothing is more attractive to a man than a woman who is confident, comfortable and happy.

2)Do Flirting Without Talking – Start with almost accidental sidelong glances. You can follow up with a direct look. The moment he looks back, then you instantly lower your eyes and put on an embarrassed smile.

3)Send him little signs :
•Show unclenched hands
•Play with your hair or caress other objects. Push your fingers through your hair
•Pick some fluff of his jacket (even if there is none!)
•Face him directly and slightly lean forward every now and then
•Wet and bite your lips from time to time (According to Cosmo doing this makes him think of other moist places)

4)Get in close – Talk to him, and let him know you like him.

5)Touch his hand accidentally -When you reach for something, try to accidentally touch his hand.

I hope this helps, and if any of this works let us know so we can go out there and get ourselves a man with our moist lips and hair flips.

Good Luck!

Single Gals

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