Old Guys Kicking Ass

Hey Gals, It has been a while since I have posted a Yummo and I thought these older gents are worthy of a Yummo shout out. However why Jason Statham at the age of 44 is consider old is beyond me that man is delicious and I know a few 30 somethings that don’t look half as good as some of these guys. Today’s Yummo goes to the action hero’s of Hollywood!

How safe are your belongings?

I was out walking the dog one evening and we ran into another dog owner. I discovered that there are two types of dog owners; ones that like to chit-chat and those that almost choke their dogs to death trying to pull the dog past you so they do not have to make small talk. This girl (Chatty Cathy) was defiantly the chit-chat type (this type varies from the mild – they will talk about the weather and your pets to the extreme – they will tell you their health problems, building gossip or anything thing that happens to be on their mind) and that day what happened to be on Chatty Cathy’s mind was her recent pickpocketing incident.

Earlier in the week Chatty Cathy was on the subway and someone took her wallet right out of her oversized bag. However this five-fingered thief was caught on video because her wallet was a giant multi-colored eyesore that stood out on camera. They police arrest the culprit and gave Chatty Cathy praises for having such a hideous wallet.  She also went on to tell me that the Toronto transit system is rampant with pickpockets and that police have tried to catch them for a long while.

This got me to thinking; I never considered being pickpocketed in my backyard. I get on the crowded subways with my oversize gym bag and my wallet is in the front pocket, easy to take if I am not paying attention. Yet it was never a thought until I ran into Chatty Cathy.

When traveling, there are warnings everywhere telling you to protect your belongings.  In Italy our hotel manager told us to walk with our purse in front of us when in the crowded tourist areas …Shouldn’t that rule also apply in our hometowns. Pickpocketing is a crime of opportunity so why should we give anyone the opportunity to take our stuff.

Ladies we can learn from Chatty Cathy, she is a reminder that we should always secure our belongings. I don’t think we need to buy ugly wallets, just make sure they are inside your bag and zipped up.

What safety precautions do you take when out and about?

Do you need to break up with your food?

This blog post is probably not going to help my single status but I think this is something that needs to be shared. In the past couple of years I have developed food intolerances.

Food intolerance – Occur when the body is unable to deal with a certain type of foodstuff. This is usually because the body doesn’t produce enough of the particular chemical or enzyme that’s needed for digestion of that food.

My definition of a food intolerance would be uncontrollable passing of gas. Stomach bloating so bad that people will ask ‘So when are you due?’ thinking that you’re ready to give birth that second. Stomach cramps that have you doubled over in pain and praying that you will let rip the mother of all farts in hope of alleviating some of the pain. You smell like you’re a rotting on the inside. Granted anything coming out of your ass generally does not smell good but if you are having a reaction to your food it’s like rotten garbage sitting in the sun for weeks on end. Weight gain, some people are lucky and experience weigh loss but not this gal! You go from extreme bouts of constipation to 20 minutes bathroom sprints for a day maybe two. The bathroom sprints make you happy you are having a movement but by trip number 3 you begin to wonder just how full of shit you really are.

Two years back I was in my night school class studying Nutritional Symptomology when we started discussing the difference between food allergies and intolerances. As the teacher was going through the symptoms of an intolerance I realized he was talking about my issues. Finally it made sense, but the big question now was what am I intolerant to?

One way to find out if you have intolerances is to do an elimination diet. Eliminate the following foods Eggs, Dairy (includes cheese, yogurt, butter, chocolate), Soy, nuts, wheat and sweeteners; since they are the biggest culprits for food allergies and intolerances. Then slowly add them back into your diet and see if you have symptoms, remember you do not get an immediate reaction, you may feel symptoms the next day or even two days later.

Or you can visit a naturopath and get a get a blood test that specifically tests for food intolerances. Our doctors test for allergies not intolerances. This blood test can be costly but it’s a quick way to see what your issue are. This is the route that I went and I found out that I am intolerant to dairy, eggs, corn, kidney beans, almonds, and brewer’s yeast. I’m not gonna lie I shed a tear over this because this was going to change my life. Brewer’s yeast I love a cold beer on the patio in the summer sun with friends, DAIRY can anyone live without it!

When I eliminated these foods I felt great, got my will to live back (okay I’m just being dramatic) but I did feel like a new person. I even noticed that my skin looked better, I had more energy and my mood did not fluctuate. Hey when you are not walking around like a 9 month pregnant women waiting for the mother of all farts to be released; you are going to feel nothing but happy thoughts.

However I have relapsed, I am back to where I started and I feel awful. It’s hard when you’re single and a big part of your social life is having dinners and drinks with the girls every month, in the summer it’s about every two weeks. So YES I relapsed somewhere between the beers, poutine and nachos I hit rock bottom. I need to break up with my food once again. I know some of my friends find it hard to believe that beer and cheese  are my issues but it’s the sad cold truth. I also know it is hard to understand until you go through it. As much as I love those things I HAVE to give them up! It’s for my health and well-being.

On the plus side I will lose the extra weight I have gained, my skin will glow, I will not look preggo and no longer will I be spewing toxic fumes from my ass. It all good! I’ll miss my cheese and beer but I will get over it, they are not things I have every day and I can switch to wine right?

If any of this resonates with you I highly recommend you take the next step and get tested for food intolerances. Remember when you start feeling better still avoid those foods, because the symptoms will come back. Sadly when we are feeling good we forget what is was like when we weren’t feeling so great. Maybe take a picture of your bloated, pimply self and stick it on the fridge as a reminder and motivation.

Good Luck and remember you are not alone!






Dreaming of sun, sand and surf school…My surfing vacation

Recently I’ve been dreaming of surf school and I think maybe it’s time for another surfing vacation. Back in the winter of 2011 I spent a week at Safari Surf School in Nosara, Costa Rica. When we had arrived we were shown to our rooms and told to grab our bathing suits because our first lesson was going to start in 20 minutes.

We suit up, grab our boards and head for the beach with Nico our super cute surfing instructor. We placed bets as to who will get injured first; it was a general consensus that it would be me. Just because I gave myself a black eye snowboarding does not mean I am accident prone…does it? Well sure enough about ½ hour into our lesson I get hit in the face with my surf board and cut my lip open, but that did not stop me from finishing my lesson.

It is hard out there fighting the waves, paddling, and trying to get up on your board. You will be able to stand up on your board in your first lesson and depending on your balance you may even ride the waves. However for me it took most of the week before I actually rode waves, but I was okay with that. The instructors were all so great and patient; they never once made me feel like I am wasting my time.  Prado kept cheering me on and that motivated to keep trying. Enrique with his patience and over all Zen presence also made you feel at ease. Then we had Ricardo, we teased him about being a Nazi surf instructor because he made us do numerous pop-ups. My legs were like jello, but sure enough I was better the next day and it was easier for me to stand up on my board (Thanks Ricardo).

All the instructors are truly unique and wonderful; my surfing experience would not have been the same without them. Even with a board in the face I loved it! I did not become a surfing diva by the end of it but I did learn to love the experience and will try surfing again.

Me riding the waves

If you have a vacation coming up and would like a life changing experience I highly recommend Safari Surf School. Not only will you have the thrill of riding waves but you will also meet some truly amazing people.

Surfs Up!

Is it a Crush or do I need to get some?

Urban dictionary defines a crush as the following:

1)      A burning desire to be with someone who you find very attractive and extremely special.

2)      a painful experience, very common among middle schoolers (and high schooler’s and even adults to a lesser degree) that involves being obsessed with a member of the opposite sex (or the same-sex, if u prefer), being attracted to them physically (most common), or emotionally also called ‘puppy love’ … also: the object of this affection

I was talking to my brother the other day about a crush … I was telling him how awesome I think this person is and then proceeded to say that I guess I have a bit of a crush on him.  My brother ever so wise and quick with the responses tells me that crushes are for High School … FACE IT you just want to do him! Well duh!?

Am I crushing on this person, or am I  just thinking with my labia? Maybe I am just a pervy single gal that needs to get lucky. But isn’t a crush a little more than that? If you are crushing on someone it’s definitely a physical thing but with the added interest of knowing what that person is all about… right?

I see guys once in a while where I think wow he is HOT..But besides the passing though of “Sweet he looks just a good going as he does coming” you forget about those random hotties. Or you take a pic of him walking away and send it off to your girlies for all to enjoy…but that’s it! You don’t wonder about him past that initial sighting. Crushes are always a little deeper than that because they randomly show up in your dreams and those dreams are so damn good you are convinced he is perfection.

For the most part crushes are harmless; every now and again it’s okay for us single gals to crush on someone I think it’s just a reminder that we have not given up hope.  Just don’t let your crush become an obsession where you are cyber stalking him, or creating photo’s of what your babies will look like.

When was the last time you had a crush? Are you crushing on someone now? Do you think I  have a crush or am I just being a perve?

Happy Lusting Ladies!

The Pope – Rock Star for the Nuns…Axl Rose – Rock Star for the Cougars…Are the two really that different?

On Wednesday April 25th I was part of the Papal audience at St. Peter’s Square, therefore knocking item #2 off my list. We had bought tickets with a tour group before we left so that we would get guaranteed seating.

The morning of April 25th we were up bright and early because we had to meet with the tour guide at 8:00 in St. Peter’s square, she suits us up with headsets and tells us about the history of the Vatican. At 8:30 we are fighting our way through the masses making a mad dash to get the best seats possible. Once seated you have about 2 hours to kill before the Pope makes his appearance. This is a good time to take in your surroundings.

The Square is set up for the event; we have concert seating, jumbo tron’s in front of the statue of St. Peter and St. Paul. Security consisted of The Swiss Guard and Papal secret service that were decked out in Armani suits and wearing Ray-Bans.  Religious groups, choirs, schools from all over the world were in attendance that day. The biggest fans were the Sister’s from Mexico. These wild nuns were waving banners that said “You enlighten my world”… Ok I do not know what the banners said but I really do not think I am that far off the mark. Also the wild nuns of Mexico would scream and holler every time the camera scanned the crowd. Its Nun’s gone wild live at St. Peter’s Square, very similar to the front row Cougars at an Axl Rose concert.

The Pope was to appear at 10am but he pulls an Axl Rose and he does not roll out until 10:45. I mean he literally rolls out; he is in the Pope mobile being driven through the square so that he can wave at his screaming, adoring fans. He loops the square a couple of times before he is driven up to his podium. Once at the his podium he stands for a moment, just basking in the cheering and hysterics of the crowd possibly catching a Rosary or two thrown by the wild nuns of Mexico.

Once seated the rest of the Pope Posse take center stage, in this case it’s the Cardinal’s of The Vatican. Seven different Cardinals representing seven different languages came to the mike to do ‘Shout Outs’ to the crowd. The Cardinal of France did a shout out to a French choir that started to sing for the Pope and I have to say it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. The crowd goes wild and the Pope sitting in his throne raises his hand to wave at the choir. He did this every time a ‘Shout Out’ was made. This went on for almost an hour than the Pope does his speech in all seven languages and finally at noon he gets up and stands center stage to bless the crowd.

The masses start to exit the square and the Pope Posse lines up on stage to kiss the Pope’s ring, now that makes him the ultimate Rock Star.

If you plan to visit Rome I really do think you should put this on your list, it is a long morning so bring water and snacks but it is quite the spectacle to see. Beside when will you ever get a chance to be part of a Papal Audience, really it’s only in Rome and as they say ‘When in Rome”.

To get free tickets to attend the Papal Audience you can get them on your own by filling out the following form http://www.vaticantour.com/images/Vatican_Ticket_request.pdf.

Or you can get them through a tour group; you have to pay but you get a guide that tells you about the history of the Vatican and does the fighting to get great seats for you.

**Current Buddha bank total $70 for 7 task completed on my list.

Vacation Bliss

I’m not going to review my trip to Italy with Hopeful because I don’t want you to live vicariously through me (or others) when you’re more than capable of experiencing it for yourself.

If you’ve been to Western Europe you already have knowledge of the working to live and not live to work mantra that so many follow. Why we don’t adhere to this in North America is beyond me but as I’ve been told time and again they are in financial trouble so don’t go thinking the grass is greener. Even if this is the case may be getting into some trouble to maintain a good work/life balance is not such a bad idea because at least they appear to be enjoying themselves.

I have to say that I have come back from this trip a lot more chill and relaxed. It might be my body’s reaction to detoxing from all the booze and food that has altered my attitude but I think I had a sort of wake-up call that life is too short to fret over things you can’t necessarily change. Aside from some passionate conversations between couples and people talking about politics I didn’t see a lot of miserable or stressed out individuals and it was nice. Even the homeless man was having a great time but I guess when you’re homeless and wearing Prada pants life isn’t so bad….

Since I’ve been back home I’ve noticed (even more so than before) that people aren’t happy. It’s a miracle if someone smiles at you or looks you in the eye or even holds a door open. We are so busy being busy that we don’t have the time to be human beings.

I will be honest I don’t know how long my new outlook will hold for but I will enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

My  Recommendations:

Places to stay: http://www.domusboccadileone.it

Find comfortable shoes as cobblestone is not your friend.

Best time to visit Apr – June then Sept – Oct

Drinks to try Prosecco before dinner & Lemoncello after dinner

Day Zero Project: 101 Things in 1001 days

Recently I came across a blog post made my Sarah on the Go! she had discovered the Day Zero Project – Day Zero is a community for people who love creating lists, setting challenges, and making positive changes in their lives. I love this idea, I think it is a great way to get things you have always wanted to do DONE. It makes life a little more fun and interesting. If you have a task on the list and the opportunity arises to be able to complete that task then you HAVE to do it, rather than procrastinate, or not do it at all. I started to compile my list on March 29, 2012 and will need to complete all the tasks below by Dec. 25, 2014. This blog post is my first completed task and the first $10.00 deposit being made into my Buddha bank.

If this has inspired you to create your own list please let me know so I can knock #52 off my list.

My 101 things in 1001 Days List:

Places to Visit:

1) Rome

2) Be part of the Papal Audience

3) Visit Florence

4) Buy a Leather Jacket made in Italy

5) Visit San Francisco

6) Visit Australia

7) See 10 famous USA Landmarks

8) Spend a night at the Ice Hotel in Quebec

Writing, Education and Career:

9) Get blog award

10) Get blog featured on WordPress Freshly Pressed Page

11) Have a piece of writing published

12) Enter a writing contest

13) Write a letter to myself to be opened when the 1001 days is over

14) Leave an inspirational note inside a book for someone to find

15) Write all my bad memories on paper, burn this paper afterwards

16) Once a task is completed blog about it

17) Finish my 101 things in 1001 Days list and post first blog about it

18) Graduate from my Holistic Nutrition Program

19) Complete the Personal Image Consultant Course

20) Answer 50 Questions that will free your mind

21) Make a list of 50 places I would like to visit in my lifetime

22) Expand my vocabulary by 100 words

23) Comment on 50 random blogs

Books and Movies

24) Read 10 books from Oprah’s Book Club list

25) Watch Clockwork Orange

26) Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet

27) Go to a book signing

28) Read catcher in the rye

29) Spend a rainy day watching films in my PJ’s

30) Read a Classic

31) Watch 10 Documentary films

Eat, Drink, Be Merry

32) Eat 3 things I’ve never tried before

33) Make poutine

34) Brew my own beer

35) Eat an apple a day for a month

36) Go on a wine tour

37) Don’t eat chocolate for a month

38) Drink a glass of Cristal

39) Eat Dinner by candlelight

40) Don’t drink alcohol for one whole month

41) Make a birthday cake for someone

42) Make every dish in my favorite cookbook

43) Cook Vegetarian Food for a group of friends

44) Learn to make 5 cocktails

45) Take a cooking class for a different type of cuisine

46) Bake 10 different types of cookies

47) Try on new recipe every week

48) Try absinthe

49) Cook a Turkey

50) Have Afternoon Tea in the Library Bar at the Royal York Hotel

51) Do a 3 day juice cleanse

Good Deeds

52) Inspire Someone to make a 101/1001 list

53) Randomly pay for someone in line behind me

54) Pay a compliment to at least one person a day for a week

55) Volunteer for Therapy Dog Services

56) Perform 10 random acts of kindness

57) Donate old clothes to charity

58) Send a care package to a solider

It’s all about me

59) Find out my blood type

60) Take a belly dancing class

61) Lose 25 pounds

62) Enter the Eat Clean diet makeover challenge

63) Get my teeth whitened

64) Go through my closet and get rid of old clothes

65) Identify 101 things which make me happy, or smile, and photograph them

66) Go on a date

67) Get a boyfriend

68) Buy a Vitamix

69) See a live taping of a TV show

70) Meet a celebrity

71) Buy a new car

72) Buy and wear a bikini

73) Go a week without buying anything

74) Do something out of my comfort zone

75) Don’t complain about anything for a week

76) Kiss underwater

77) Create a scrapbook for all my concert tickets

78) Send out Christmas cards of me in a tacky xmas sweater sitting under the tree with my pets. Retro 80’s style

79) Watch the sunrise and sunset on the same day

Things to keep life interesting:

80) Learn to Kite Surf

81) Play the drums in front of people

82) Dog sled

83) Go whale watching

84) Ride in a helicopter

85) Ride in a hot air balloon

86) Learn to shoot a gun at a Shooting range

87) Learn and play curling

88) Take a trapeze class

89) Ride a snowmobile

90) Learn to drive a race car – Exotic racing school Las Vegas

91) See a live UFC fight

92) Try a crossfit class

93) See Cirque du Soleil

The other totally random doable things to get done in 1001 days:

94) Plant a garden

95) Put away $10 for every goal completed

96) At the end of 1001 days use the money that I had put away for every task completed and take my family out to dinner

97) Buy a Magic 8 Ball and base all my decisions on it for a whole day

98) Whenever anyone sneezes say ‘ You’re So Good Looking’ for a day

99) Buy the WTF? Stamp and use it all day at the office

100) Buy and keep alive a houseplant

101) Attend an Elvis Wedding in Vegas

Single Gals Guide to Home Ownership

It’s time I grow up or at least commit to something and unfortunately my car doesn’t count. So a couple of years back I decided to start looking for a condo. I had been on the fence for so long that I finally signed on the dotted line.

I bought a pre-construction condo in the Queen East part of DT. I like the area, I like my unit and I liked how things just fell into place. It’s not a large space but it’s my space, so what’s not to like?

In all honesty my purchase didn’t really hit me until this year. Sounds weird but I didn’t even blink when I wrote 4 large cheques but now that it’s coming closer to my condo being a reality I finally am feeling it.

I don’t know how many of you ladies have taken this step by yourself and trust me I wouldn’t have thought I would be doing this on my own but I am and I did and I couldn’t be happier.

Here are some things I have learned along the way.

  1. Save – You don’t want to be house poor and if you’re single you definitely don’t want to not have money for a social life. Save all you can so that your mortgage payments are low.
  2. Don’t buy above your means. – See point number 1, you don’t want to be house poor and you still want to go out so don’t buy something you can’t afford.
  3. Make sure you have a plan.                                                                                                                        a)Plan how much you want to spend, where you want to live etc…

This isn’t a new dress or shoes, this is a house or condo in my case, so make sure you love it.

4. Don’t be afraid to talk to people about mortgages, interest rates, ways to save etc…Your friends and family are free and the insights they can provide could save you a lot of time and money.

5.Don’t think you have to have it all done at once. I was stressing myself out thinking I needed to have my place all set when I moved in. This isn’t going to happen and it’s not a big deal. Take things as they come and don’t worry if you’re sitting on pillows for 8 weeks waiting for your new sofa.

Last but not least, enjoy every moment. You have worked really hard to own property, take pride in that and know that you have done something for yourself.

BTW – I know my condo will be delayed and I should find out this month for how long, so wish me luck, I really want to be in by the end of the year.

Queen B

Let’s Flashback to 1989..

Today’s Flashback Friday Yummo is Lenny Kravitz. His first album ‘Let Love Rule’ was released on Sept. 6th, 1989.  I swear this man does not age.

THEN 1989:

NOW 2012:

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