Happy Birthday Nikki Sixx

Today Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx turns 54. He is one of my top five favorite dirty Rock Stars and I think all the Heroin/Alcohol abuse in the 80’s has actually pickled him quite nicely.



Happy Birthday Ryan Reynolds..

Ryan Reynolds turns 36 today! The Single Gals team would like say ‘Happy Birthday’ and thank you for all your hard work in maintaining such a fabulous physique .

Men wearing flip flops with jeans … Hate it or love it?

Its summer, it’s hot! I get the need to cool down, but a guy wearing flip-flops with jeans is a BIG fashion NO. Well that and the half shoe..WTF is that all about? Guys spend the extra money and buy the whole shoe, you’ll be glad you did.

Flips flops and jeans just do not go together in my world; especially if you do not live remotely close to a beach / major body of water or on a date. Seriously, we do not need to see your gnarly toes hanging over your flip-flops on a first date. Wear your flip-flops with cargo shorts, swim trunks and your Capris (however that should be the least of your concerns if you are a grown man wearing Capris, just sayin). Guys if you just asked yourself  “What are Capris?” I have three words for you … “How YOU doin’?”

There are only two times when jeans and flips are allowed, if you fit into either of these categories feel free to wear your flip-flops:

  1. You are Matthew McConaughey
  2. You are a shirtless bronzed surfing god wearing your baggy jeans rolled up than YES you can wear flip-flops (Oh wait isn’t that the same as #1). Actually this look is greatly appreciated and is even acceptable on a date….Call me

How do you feel about men wearing flip-flops with jeans? Is this acceptable to you? Do you like the look?

T’is wedding season and we all know what that means…. Updos!!!

T’is wedding season and we all know what that means…. Updos!!! Now I know a lot of you hate updos, but in my opinion we all just need to relax and let that show in the styles we choose. Updos aren’t how they used to be. They used to be very detailed, really curly, poofy, slick and yes… Sparkly. Now, I find they are a bit more casual, not so polished looking and the curls aren’t as tight as before! (thank god)
So in lieu of the season I thought I would lend a few tips to those of you either getting married or in a bridal party or special event.FYI – when I say updo that also means half down do or all down curls/waves etc!

The best place to find ideas for updos is definitely on-line. Personally I think those $15 magazines are a rip! When looking for ideas you will need to consider what exactly your hair can and will do. If you have
straight thin hair you have to realize that your hair might not look as full in an updo as those in the picture.  Also when deciding on curls, you need to realize that the length of your hair is going to
shorten once curled. Finally for those of you with virgin (never colored) hair, this definitely makes it more difficult to style hair depending on your original texture. When hair is colored it has more “grit”
because it has been damaged and this will help get better results for curls and volume! So my suggestion is: if you do color your hair please have a fresh color done in time for your updo! If you don’t color your hair I’m not suggesting you do, just remember that virgin hair is slippery! Choosing a style for that special day really is all on you. It all depends on what you want.

Lately, the most recent styles have been the long loose flowing curls (which will require extensions a lot of times), messy buns (my suggestion for thin hair),  curly side pony tails ( which is cute and also
requires long hair) and of course the messy side bun! As said above these are more casual styles that will work for most of us! Now on the day of your updo please be sure your hair is clean. Washing your hair the night before is the best option, but forthose of you who must wash your hair in the morning; you better make sure it is dry when you go to the salon. As a hairstylist I can’t tell you how annoying it is when someone sits in my chair ready for their updo, with long thick damp hair!! Also, if you have a frizzier hair texture try to smooth out the crown with a round brush if possible. This will help make the style look smoother and save your hairstylist time! If you have a cowlick, especially in the bang area, try to smooth this down as well!

Remember, it is important that you communicate with your hairstylist so all is clear! It is also important that you have a good time and dance until your updo falls out!

Cheers and Happy Wedding Season!

"Best Friends Never Have Bad Hairdays!"

David Beckham please take it off!

It’s Hump Day… It’s the day that  I realize I am on my 3rd work day and  I am 3 days away from the weekend. Three days until the weekend!!!

What’s a gal to do to get her over this hump, well ladies I discovered that watching David Beckham commercials certainly takes edge off the mid-week hurdle.



The new fashion must have…NOT!

Hey Gals,

Has it been a while since you’ve seen someone’s manly bits? Do you spend you days longing for a peek at a peen? Do you want to feel one resting on your legs, nestled in your ass crack and wedged up your juicy fruit jungle?

Well long no more! Fashion designer Bas Koster has created the ‘Is that a cock or you legs’ leggings. You can look at all different sizes, widths, and skin tones if you own these pants all for the low-cost of $119.00 Euro which is roughly $150.00 USD/CND.

I know you are probably wondering what shirt would you wear with this penis buffet, I too wondered that. I was thinking a white wife beater would pair well  but after some searching I discovered that designer Bas Kosher has taken care of that problem with this shirt:

Actually this shirt made me throw up a little in my mouth.

My question of the day is Who’s buying this stuff?

This man has great hair and if he keeps his mouth shut he is totally hump worthy

Today’s Hump Day yummo is Tom Cruise…Yes I know he is a crazy, controlling Scientology freak that may be in the closet. All that aside if he doesn’t open his mouth he is totally hump worthy especially sporting his new rocker look for the movie version of Rock of Ages. ( To may girlie Triple C, I may go see this movie with you after all)

Things to consider when picking a new hairstyle

One of the most annoying things as a hairstylist is when someone comes in with a picture of a haircut, and the hair in the picture is nothing like the hair on the person. Hairstylists are not magicians, we cannot make you look like the person in the picture  and we can’t magically change the texture of your hair without chemicals!

So I want to share with you a few tips when picking out your next big hair cut!

1) If your hair is straight don’t pick out a picture/style of someone with curly or wavy hair unless you plan on perming it. Now perms have actually come a long way and you can pretty much get any texture of hair you want, but not without damage being done.  The curls in the picture don’t accurately represent how the hair cut will look on you  so it doesn’t make sense to show that to your hairstylist if you want a specific change.

2) This brings me to my next point, which is to look at the actual hair cut closely instead of the styling  of the hair. Questions you should be asking are, Where does the shortest piece fall? Is there lots of layers  and do you want that many? Where is the part placed and is yours the same, if not are you going to try and change it?  Can you style it so it looks like the picture and how much time in the mornings do you have to work on your hair?? The answers to these types of questions will determine whether that is the right cut for you.

3) Bangs! Everyone usually tries bangs at least once and they do really change a hairstyle. So if you do not have or want bangs I would stay away from picking out a picture that has bangs. If there are certain components of the cut you like, by all means bring it into the salon, but just know that the cut won’t look the same if the picture has bangs and you don’t. Also if you have a cowlick and decide to try bangs, you better know that specific styling is required on your part after you leave the salon. Hairstylists can make cowlicks disappear, but can you??

4) Color! When you’ve picked out a picture to bring in make sure it is not actually the color you like rather than the haircut. Color can also change the look of a haircut, with highlights placed in certain spots or the way it makes your skin tone look, so be sure you are looking at cut and color separately if you are not planning on coloring.

There are so many different ways to determine what hair cut is right for you that I can’t even cover them all here. But, I think this is a good starting point!

Happy cutting!

Glamour girl






“Best Friends Never Have Bad Hair Days!”

1/4 Irish + 1/4 Native + 1/2 French = Occasional Beer Drinker that can’t handle hard liquor and loves poutine

L’Oreal Paris has recently launch and new ad champagne for their True Match Foundation stating that no matter what your background, they will have a color match for your skin tone.

In this commercial we find out that Beyoncé is African-American, Native American and French.


OMG if my Mom had gotten Jungle Fever I may have been Beyoncé! Instead I am a 5th generation blue-eyed Metis Indian, with a french last name who does not speak french and has no discernible talents.

Gee thanks Mom!

So you’re thinking about coloring your own hair? Here are some tips from a pro…

Listen ladies, as a beauty professional I understand that salons aren’t cheap! Actually, as a beauty professional I personally think that you can be seriously ripped off and taken advantage of at the salon. So I completely understand why one would consider coloring their own hair at home using…. Box Dye!! Ugh I even hate the sound of the words!

Unfortunately for us box dyes have not really come a long way.

It is my understanding that box dyes have a higher peroxide level in their product (which you probably don’t need to color your hair), hence your hair being dry damaged and fuzzy after multiple box dye usages. Also, never believe that you can lighten your own hair with a box dye and it will come out a nice sunny blonde. We’ve all had that friend who applied “Golden Honeycomb” to their brown hair and it really came out “Vitamin Pee Yellow.”  Box Dyes do not have the capacity to lighten and tone your darker hair! I have only met few who have had success with this and that is only because their hair  was already light, never been colored or 75% gray!

Finally, even though you buy the same box dye color over and over again please don’t assume it’s going to be the same color. Because of the low price of the product, the fact that they can possibly be on those retail shelves for years and the quality of the chemicals used, proves high risk the color will not be that “hazelnut brown” every time.

For tips on coloring your own hair at home see below:

1 – MOST  important! Do not try to lighten your own hair more than one or two shades with a box dye. You will only end up paying extra to get it fixed in the salon. You will also cause serious damage as to fix it more chemicals will have to be used on your hair.

2- If you only need your roots done, try to only apply the color to your roots. If you apply all over your head all the time the ends of your hair will only get darker and darker (think of layering coats of  paint).

3- If you want to refresh the ends of your hair due to fading, only comb the color down in the last 5-10 mins. This means taking a medium tooth comb, and spreading the color from your roots down using the comb.

4- If you are going from light to dark, choose a color that has a warm tone to it like caramel brown, or auburn. Chocolate browns and blacks will turn your lighter hair a soupy grey color because they have cool tones to them ( think of putting blue/purple on yellow)

5 – If your hair is already damaged skip the box dye and go to a professional. A bad hair dresser probably can’t damaged your hair anymore then the box dye and at least your odds are better with a professional.

6- If you screw up don’t try to fix it yourself!

7- Black is never a good idea when it comes to box dye, unless your natural hair color is actually black and u want to cover up some grays!

Obviously when it comes to coloring hair, it is my advice to save up and consult a professional, however not all of us can afford this luxury. So if you’re going to use a box dye try to follow the simple rules above or do your own research! There is  tones of information on the net these days to satisfy your home coloring cravings!

“Best Friends Never Have Bad Hair Days”


– Glamour Girl

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