Ryan Gosling looking good as a badass

Happy Friday Gals,

Ryan Gosling is all tatted up and buffed up for his new move ‘The Place Beyond the Pine’


Ryan Gosling in 'The Place beyond the pines'

Let’s flashback to the era of Glam bands, Cocaine and John Hughes movies..

Today’s Flashback Yummo is Robert Downey Jr. He was first considered for the role of Ducky in John Hughes ‘Pretty in Pink’ but he did not get a lead in a role until 1986 in ‘The Pickup Artist‘. However I think his breakout role was in ‘Less than Zero‘ when he played Julian a drug addicted college dropout, you just can’t help but love him.



Sex in the city hottie meets 2 Broke Girls..

Today’s Monday Mmmmmmmmmmmm is model Noah Mills. It seems he is slowly making his way into acting, his recent gig being 2 Broke Girls.

It’s the Hump Day Hunk..

Happy Hump Day! Today’s yummo is Wes Bentley.  He stars in The Hunger Games  which will hit theatres on March 23, 2012 so watch for him.

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