Respect the workout, or walk on home

Yesterday Cultfit  wrote “For most of us, running/cycling/working out (_______ Insert anything here) is a very personal space.” My personal space is my Muay Thai class. I’ve been doing some sort of martial arts for the last 13 years. I originally started off doing Jiu Jitsu, I had gotten as far as my blue belt when work, a move and a demeaning boyfriend got in the way.

Then one day about 4 years ago I got a personal trainer who happened to have a background in Muay Thai therefore every other training session was a Muay Thai session at my request. I LOVED IT! I had forgotten how good it made me feel to throw punches and kick pads. I found my passion again. Now my trainer/friend is teaching his own Muay Thai class which I am a part of.  This is my place of empowerment. I feel strong, invincible, and unbreakable therefore I do not want anyone coming into my personal space unless they share the same passion for the art as I do.

I look forward to the rush I get after doing a 20 minute warm-up of burpies, mountain climbers, and 21’s. I’m in a zone – my heart rate is through the roof and I can barely breathe because I’m so focussed on pushing myself and creating new physical limits. Distractions in class that pull me out of my zone really stress me out and impact my workout.  And as a result, my place of empowerment and stress relief is starting to become a place of stress.

I do my best to keep a distance from the distractions  (yeah I have this irritating nice gene that prevents me from saying shut the F -up and do your workout).  I should not have to walk on egg shells in my place of empowerment. All I ask is that you respect the workout and the fact that I, along with others that share the same passion, take it seriously.  Socializing should take place before and after class – not during!

Have you had disruptions to your personal space? How did you deal with it?

Happy Movember

Today is Movember 1st,  gals aren’t you excited? By the end of next week you will be seeing dudes everywhere sporting very bad mustaches in support of raising awareness for men’s health issues; specifically prostate cancer and mental health.  This is the only time of year when it is socially acceptable for guys to look like 70’s porn stars and the girls dig it.

Any man willing to look a little ridiculous for a cause is very sexy. So guys grow out the rock star, biker, or the porn star and wear it with pride. My personal favorite is the Rock Star.


Here’s a  style guide to help all you ‘Mo Bro’s’ out,


Side note: All you single guys out there, if you are on the fence about participating in Movember here’s some food for thought. Girls like guys that are willing to put aside their Rico Suave ways to support a cause. Also it is a great conversation piece and chances are very good that you will be chatting it up with ladies all night long.

What’s YOUR ideal self?

This photo was posted on Facebook and there were numerous positive comments but sadly there was also negative feedback.

Comments like:

“Not Sexy”

“Grandma Ass”

‘No Muscle tone”

I am always saddened when people are quick to criticize. I think they missed the purpose of this picture; it’s telling women to love themselves.  Be confident, feel sexy and people will see you that way.  If you have curves love them, if you are naturally lean love your frame. The message we should be getting is be the best healthiest version of you, not society’s version of what’s sexy.

Trends change and so does societies perceptions, in the era of the lovely Marilyn Monroe the hour-glass figure was the sign of a real women.  I am sure all the lean, more athletic type figures were berating themselves for not having enough meat on their bodies, bigger breast and hips. Now skinny is what is being promoted as the new ‘Sexy’ and every women over a size 6 is freaking out (sadly I too get sucked into this).

We should be promoting ‘Healthy’ as the new sexy. Our bodies are an individual as our personalities. No two bodies are the same nor should we strive to be the same as someone else.  Even the beautiful Ms. Monroe struggled with self-confidence and society’s demands for her to live up to her sex symbol status. We will never live up to other people’s ideals so why bother trying …live up to YOUR ideal.

My ideal:

To be an injury free (currently treating tendonitis in my wrist and tennis elbow), perfectly healthy size 10 woman, that eats healthy 80% 75% of the time with the 20%  25% beer and nacho nights.

Now tell me what’s YOUR ideal?

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