The midweek treat – Chris Messina

Today is your hump day treat… I’ve been watching the Mindy Project and I have noticed Chris Messina who plays Danny Castellano the hot Doctor that Mindy will end up with one day. I think his smile makes him one very sexy man. Watch The Mindy Project you’ll get it … besides the show is funny and Mindy is super quirky cute.

Did Brad Pitt lose his man card?

The other night while mindlessly watching the boob tube, I see the ever beautiful Mr. Pitt on my screen. This causes me to sit up straight with the girls thrusted out and standing at full attention. Yes boys this is the effect that Brad Pitt has on the female population.  Turns out  Brab Pitt is in the new Chanel N°5 commercial. This ad is 30 seconds of Brad Pitt looking at the screen (or in my mind looking at me) with his bedroom eyes. It’s 30 seconds of my mind running wild with Brad Pitt filled fantasies, 30 seconds out of reality. Thank you Chanel N°5!

I realize there are men out there that feel Brad Pitt has sold out and has given up his man card because of this commercial. Guys you are wrong! If he can provoke most of the female population to have lurid fantasies about him in 30 seconds to me that is a solid grounds for keeping your man card. Don’t be a hater, beside this commercial is not geared towards the male population. YES it is promoting Chanel fragrance for men, but it will be women lining up in department stores buying this for the men in their lives thinking if her man can’t look like Brad Pitt he may as well smell like him.




Old Guys Kicking Ass

Hey Gals, It has been a while since I have posted a Yummo and I thought these older gents are worthy of a Yummo shout out. However why Jason Statham at the age of 44 is consider old is beyond me that man is delicious and I know a few 30 somethings that don’t look half as good as some of these guys. Today’s Yummo goes to the action hero’s of Hollywood!

Twi-Hards everywhere just got dose of real life..Welcome to reality

So I’m not a Twi-Hard and don’t really care about Kristen Stewart of Robert Pattinson but the media attention surrounding Stewart’s cheating scandal got me thinking.  I am not a cheater and I don’t condone the behavior of Stewart or Rupert Saunders, but I have a problem with how this is playing out in the media. Why are the women always portrayed as the vixen who lured an innocent helpless man? Why is nobody asking why a 41 year-old married father of 2 is pursuing a 22 year-old women? Oh yeah, I forgot we live in a double standard world where we throw stones at girls/women who stray but are supposed to forgive the men who do.

Don’t get me wrong, I also understand that millions are at stake. Stewart single handedly ruined a book/movie franchise that is counting on young girls thinking they can be the next Bella. If you have sat through any of the movies or read any of the books, I think poking pencils in your eyes would be less painful, but may just be me.

For the record I think Stewart and Saunders are equally at fault and if their partners take them back it is there choice not ours.

For all the Twi-Hards reading this, love does exist, sometimes it has bumps and hopefully you don’t get cheated on. Although people like me are looking for a romantic comedy, the reality is, people make mistakes, you either live with them or you don’t. I wouldn’t but that’s because the trust would be gone, for others this isn’t the case. There isn’t a right or wrong answer, it’s personal and it’s your choice. What would you do?

It’s Flashback Friday and recently I have been thinking of grungy Rock Stars…

Last week I met up with a friend that I have not seen in while, and the one thing we both love to talk about is music; specifically Metal, Rock and Alternative. We are both fascinated with the Rock N Roll scene and lifestyle. I think he secretly wants to be a Rock Star and I’m on the cusp of wanting to be a Rock Star and wanting to do a Rock Star. Hmm I don’t like hard liquor nor would I ever consider doing hard-core drugs. I guess I would suck at being a Rock Star; so it’s best I just do one.

All that rock talk got me thinking about long-haired hotties and about the first time I saw the video for  Nirvana’s  ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. I loved Kurt Cobain and I wanted more than anything to be one of the cheerleaders in that video. I loved the black outfits, the hair flying everywhere and the tattoos.  I thought they were badass and I wanted to be badass.  I don’t think I’ve become badass but I know I could kick their cheerleading butts in a head banging competition.

So here is your Flashback yummo Mr. Kurt Cobain

And for old times’ sake let’s watch Smells Like Teen Spirit and bang your head like it’s 1991.

Long live Rock N Roll!

Have you dreamed of dating a so called celebrity? Well now you can…

Hey Ladies,

Has it been awhile since you’ve been on a date? Are you now getting so desperate for male interaction that you have resorted to poking old boyfriends on Facebook? Would you consider going on a date with Mr. 1986? If so than you just may be desperate enough to want to be a ‘Sexy Bachelorette’ on Fox’s new dating show ‘The Choice’.

This show is exactly like ‘The Voice’ except the girls are not on stage singing for a recording contract; instead they are pitching themselves in hopes of getting a date with one of the following Celebrities (UH?)

Pauly D
Tyson Beckford
Joe Jonas
Dean Cain
Rob Kardashian
Rocco DiSpirito
Warren Sapp
Finesse Mitchell
Jeremy Bloom
Jason Cook
Michael Catherwood
Seth Wescott
Parker Young
Ndamukong Suh
Dr. Robert Nettles
Taylor Hicks
Mike Sorrentino
Rob Gronkowski
Steven Lopez

I realise that desperate times call for desperate measures but come on! What are the odds that you will get a date with this man?

Instead you will probably end up on a date with this celebrity (uh?)

I’m not sure about you but that is one ‘Situation’ that I do not want to be in!

If I were going to set myself up for public ridicule on national TV, these are not the ‘Celebrities’ (uh?) that I’d have in mind. The four men sitting in those swivel chairs would have to be Leo DiCaprio, Colin Farrell, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt.

What would your four choices be?

What do you do when the evils of the world get you down..

This week has been a very bizarre week for news coverage. First there was the man in Florida strung out on LSD who; rather than grab a bag of Doritos’s to curb his munchies decided he felt like a Manwich. Even more bizarre than that story; Psychic Nikki predicted this before it happened! Not her usual day after predictions. Yes she was mocked, and rightly so because you’re picturing said man-eater to look like this:

Or this:

You know she’s had her share of man meat in her mouth

The other big story of week is the Toronto native that sent a foot to parliament and posted a video of his murderous act online. Speaking of videos it turns out this same psychopath had posted a video a few years back where he put a couple of kittens in a plastic bag and sucked the air out. I’m no BAU expert but isn’t it in the Serial Killer 101 Manual that the first step is killing baby animals? This was one story that I wish I have never read.

Even more heinous is people are watching this video, seriously what has happened to our society. Are the days of googling “Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape over”? Ok maybe THOSE days are over.

Have we become so desensitized that watching an actual murder is what it takes to peak our interest? What are the odds that the media will put these stories to rest any time soon? Zero to none is my guess.

I don’t know about you but I am done with hearing about these macabre happenings. This weekend I plan to watch season two of the Big C on Netflix’s and avoid reading and watching anything that the media has to offer. Maybe I will google the ‘Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape’ I think it should make a comeback!

How do you cope when the evils of the world get you down?


Time for a little classic Hollywood…

It’s Monday and we lost an hour this weekend..Booooooooooo Hopefully this Hollywood hunk will put some Mmmmmmmmmmmmm in your day. Today’s Yummo it the ever gorgeous Mr. Brad Pitt.


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