From pretty boy to badass…

Today’s Hump Day Hunk is Steve Howey from Shameless.. Remember him from the Reba show, well now he is all buffed up and getto what’s not to love.

Say hello to  the new Shameless Steve:

He is shamelessly cute

Today’s Hump Day Hunk is Justin Chatwin, currently staring in the TV series Shameless.

Bless me father for I have sinned

Happy Hump Day! Is it still hump day when it’s a 4 day work week?

Today’s Hump Day Hunk is Tyler Jacob Moore. He plays Pastor John Tudor on the TV series GCB… ok if all ministers looked like this I would probably get my ass to church.


Flashback Friday – This 80’s star is making a comeback

Today’s Flashback Yummo is Christian Slater. He disappeared for a while but is now making a comeback with his new TV series Breaking In.


Check out this biker babe…

Today’s Yummo is Charlie Hunnam. I’ve recently started watching Sons of Anarchy and I’m just finishing season 3. I have to say I love this show and I especially love Charlie Hunnam’s character Jax. He gives me the flutters.

Check out this 28-year-old hottie

Today’s Yummo is  Blair Redford. You can watch him on the TV new series The Lying game and Switched at Birth.



A good dinner is also a way to a woman’s heart…

Today’s Yummo is Chef Rocco Dispirito.

Check out this British Hottie

Today’s Yummo is  actor Nick Blood.

Check out this misfit

Today’s Yummo is Matthew McNulty he plays Seth on the TV series Misfits.

I think I need a cold shower…

Today’s Yummo is Sean Faris. I was home sick yesterday and watched him in a movie with Jennifer Love Hewett and Batty White.

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