My ideal man..

Today’s Character Yummo is Gerry Kennedy from P.S I Love You. The movie itself is mediocre but Gerard Butler is fantastic. His character Gerry is my ideal man, charming, sexy, funny, he sings…I guess that means Gerard Butler in my ideal man because he is all those things no wonder he is so good in that movie.

Titanic’s leading man is all love

Today’s Character Yummo is Jack Dawson. You have to love a man that just lives life, goes with the adventure and doesn’t worry about tomorrow until tomorrow. It also did not hurt that it was Leo DiCaprio that played this part.

Millionaire by day … crime fighter by night = HOT HOT HOT

Today’s Yummo is my favorite superhero Batman. I love Christian Bales portrayal of Batman, he is sexy and mysterious. How can anyone not love Batman, he is a sexy well dress Millionaire by day and a sexy hot crime fighter by night that just equals all kinds of sexy.

Not all men have to be brutes to be manly…

Today’s Yummo is Noah Calhoun from The Notebook. Ryan Gosling plays this character perfectly, Noah is honest, hard working and knows what he wants. He waits for the love of his life to she realize that he is the love of her life. He loves her until the very end, now that is truly the most manly trait there is.

So why do they call you Snake?

Today’s Hot Movie Character Yummo is Snake Plissken from Escape from New York. Kurt Russell is more than Yummy as Snake Plissken, if a mand has the nick name snake you know he is a manly man.

Hot movie character Yummo’s

Today’s Yummo is Russel Crowes character Bud White from L.A. Confidential . Bud is tormented, angry and sexy all at the same time. He hates men who abuse women even though he slaps Kim Basinger’s character in the movie, it’s his torment over that incident that makes you love Bud at the end of the day he is a real man.

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