Put a plug in it…

A butt plug that is

I have a friend and we’ve recently got on the topic of sex. It was more he shared a story from one of his college adventures and that just open the door to more of these conversations. I cannot repeat his collage story because as I told him I am one to many people that know, however I will share our recent conversation because I found it hilarious and it made me Google butt plugs..wtf?!

The conversation started off innocently enough until he said he had an asphalt guy and I thought he said ass plug guy. So that door swung wide open, and after we stopped laughing that just lead to this conversation:

Him – So Nat have you ever tried one.

Me- What? A butt plug? NO

Him- Oh you should, I hear it is very extense experience

Me- You heard this uh? So is this going to be another college story

Him- No I’m telling you so you can explore that area and you may discover you like it

Me- I just Googled butt plugs, so basically your telling me to bedazzle my asshole?

Him- OMG what are you looking at?

Me- I’m looking at the P-Diddy diamond stuck in someone’s asshole, I want a P-Diddy diamond but not up my ass! Oh and they have rabbit tails, fox tails and cat tails but I don’t see a smiley face. You’d think the smiley face would be a big seller because if you’re ass up wouldn’t it be nice for the person behind to see a smiling face looking back? I guess I can see the purpose of them, it’s better then having an angry asshole looking back at you.

He now laughing tells me this conversation has ended and that just set me off hysterics, I think he may have hung up on me but that’s okay he’ll call back.

I’ve never had this conversation with anyone before and I know that the anus is considered an erogenous zone, but it’s not an area I think about sexually. If you’ve ever had a barium enema you’d understand why. ( I’ll share that story in my future podcast, stay tuned)

Ladies have you explored this area? Is it extense? Please share, no judgement here I’m curious.

Remember you’re not alone!

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