Respect the workout, or walk on home

Yesterday Cultfit  wrote “For most of us, running/cycling/working out (_______ Insert anything here) is a very personal space.” My personal space is my Muay Thai class. I’ve been doing some sort of martial arts for the last 13 years. I originally started off doing Jiu Jitsu, I had gotten as far as my blue belt when work, a move and a demeaning boyfriend got in the way.

Then one day about 4 years ago I got a personal trainer who happened to have a background in Muay Thai therefore every other training session was a Muay Thai session at my request. I LOVED IT! I had forgotten how good it made me feel to throw punches and kick pads. I found my passion again. Now my trainer/friend is teaching his own Muay Thai class which I am a part of.  This is my place of empowerment. I feel strong, invincible, and unbreakable therefore I do not want anyone coming into my personal space unless they share the same passion for the art as I do.

I look forward to the rush I get after doing a 20 minute warm-up of burpies, mountain climbers, and 21’s. I’m in a zone – my heart rate is through the roof and I can barely breathe because I’m so focussed on pushing myself and creating new physical limits. Distractions in class that pull me out of my zone really stress me out and impact my workout.  And as a result, my place of empowerment and stress relief is starting to become a place of stress.

I do my best to keep a distance from the distractions  (yeah I have this irritating nice gene that prevents me from saying shut the F -up and do your workout).  I should not have to walk on egg shells in my place of empowerment. All I ask is that you respect the workout and the fact that I, along with others that share the same passion, take it seriously.  Socializing should take place before and after class – not during!

Have you had disruptions to your personal space? How did you deal with it?

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