A perfect man sighting…

Ladies I had one of those rare encounters  that you hear about in dark pubs after a few pints.. you know the “I have a friend whose cousin’s – dog walker’s – sister met the perfect man.  These are the  stories your friends tell you in order to keep your hopes up and to stop you from falling into the state of hairy legs,  Sakira roots and track pants, otherwise know as “defeat”. I normally humour my friends and nod smiling politely thinking I probably need to shave my legs and get a hair cut hence  why I am getting the  my cousin’s friends’ dog walker’s- sister speech. However last weekend while working at a Consumer Fitness and Wellness trade show I ran into the Perfect Man!

When I first spied the perfect man I was setting up  for the show and he was two booths over. He had his back to me, but he stopped me in my tracks. I stood there waiting for him to turn around, when he did… he smiled!  I was left standing there dazed with my thighs quivering and that’s when I knew I  just had a perfect man encounter.

The next day I got to chat with ‘The Perfect Man’ only to find out that he was from another province but I should have known that because there is scientific evidence out there  somewhere that proves that  ‘The Perfect Man’ does not reside in Toronto.

On day two of the show I had asked him about his business I got the feeling that I was making him nervous. I momentarily indulged in the belief that I had the same effect on him as he did me. Could I possibly be ‘That Girl’? Then reality hits me that this is not a John Hughes movie and the hot jock is not crushing on the cute average girl.  So I do what I do best … I insult him by calling him a fitness pimp.  My inner voice and outer voice are constantly at battle with each other; sadly for me the outer voice always wins. HOWEVER since he is ‘The Perfect Man’ he laughed.

Later in the day I was feeling overly confident so I  ask him if he wanted to switch jobs with me since our booth was extremely busy… Smiling he said ‘Sure, should we switch clothes as well?‘  I look him up and down (told you I was feeling overly confident) smile and say ‘ that goes without saying’  then I could feel my face get hot so I knew I was turning 50 shades of red. (SNAP…confidence just flew out the window)  I had to look away from him but damn ‘The Perfect Man’ he kept looking over and giving me  ‘I know you like me smile’.

The show ends we say our goodbyes, I wish him safe travels and today I am left with vague memories of  my ‘Perfect Man’ encounter and once again my belief is dwindling and I am wondering did that really happen. Does the ‘Perfect Man’ Exist?

Ladies if you have had a ‘Perfect Man’ encounter please share…. let’s keep the hope alive that he DOES exist.



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