The rules to Dog Park…

I think this will hit a nerve for you dog lovers out there. Last week while at the dog park with Daisy, two twats walk up to our little doggie play group and made the following comments:

“I don’t really like dogs, why do they always have to lick?”  – Well if you are lucky enough to receive a doggie kiss it’s because they see something good in you and want to share the unconditional love that only dogs can have.  That’s why dogs are better than people; they can see beauty in everything even when it is undeserved.

“Dogs are so stupid all they do is jump and lick” – Once again they jump and lick because they are happy to see you and it is their way of showing love, if only people could be so stupid.

“What kind of dog is this (referring to Daisy) she is so ugly” – Nothing is ugly when it is loved

First rule to dog park – DO NOT go to a dog park if you don’t like dogs!

Second rule to dog park – DO NOT call someone’s dog ugly or stupid!

Third rule to dog park – DO NOT go to a dog park if you don’t like dogs!

Now the next time someone calls Daisy ugly, unlike my beautiful forgiving pup I’ll probably punch them in the face. Hey I have a long way to go before I’m as good as person as Daisy is.


  1. No they didn’t! You should’ve taken a photo of them with your phone and posted it so we could comment on the way they look and act. Yuck!

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