The Perfect Man vs. Aliens..does either one really exist?

Some days I feel like I’m Foxy Mulder (yes that’s what I called him) but instead of trying to prove alien existence I’m trying to prove the perfect man exists… Or more appropriately my version of the perfect man.

Like Mulder “I Want to Believe” but each new dating experience leads me to think that there is some universal conspiracy stopping me from finding him. I get signs every once in a while that gives me hope of his existence. For example when a man holds the door open for me who happens to be under the age of 50 (if he’s over 50 that’s not a sign it just old school manners). Or when I have an extremely rare connection with a someone but due to circumstances it is nothing more than a sign to let me know that NICE guys really do exist and to keep believing. Once my faith is renewed the conspirators throw me off the trial by sending along Mr. 1986 who asks if I have man hands after calling me a beautiful giant only to text me later that night with ‘Hello, U there Fag?”

How long am I suppose to hang on to the belief that my perfect man exists. Didn’t Mulder become a little crazed with his quest to prove Alien existence? Isn’t that why he got the nickname ‘Spooky Mulder’? Could it be that Foxy and I are on the same quest? Is the perfect man an Alien?!


1) Spotted at night in rural America

2) There’s lots of debate about what THEY look like

3) Highly intelligent 

The Perfect Man

1) Seen in Chick Flicks of dark movie theatre’s

2) There’s lots of debate about what HE looks like

3) He ain’t no dummy

There you have it Gals the Perfect Man is Alien!  According to Aliens The Truth Aliens reside in the following areas:

  • Area 51 Groom Lake, S4 Papoose Dry Lake, Nellis Bombing and Gunnery Range, Nevada
  • Dulce, New Mexico
  • Datil, New Mexico
  • Four Corners Area, N.M., Arizona, Utah, Colorado
  • Sunspot, New Mexico
  • Pie Town, New Mexico
  • Roswell, New Mexico
  • Northern Nevada

I knew it; ‘The Perfect Man’ loves Mexican food! This explains why I have not had a perfect man siting here in Toronto, I’m in the wrong time zone.

Have you had a Perfect Man encounter? What did your Perfect Man look like? Should I move to New Mexico?

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