Happy Springtime New Year’s Eve … a.k.a St. Patrick’s Day

Today is St. Paddy’s Day the one day of the year when everyone is Irish. For us Single Gals it’s Springtime New Year’s Eve. This is one of those occasions when the pubs are packed and everyone is friendly, flirty and social. From my experience it seems that the only time people feel it is okay to chat you up at a bar is Halloween, New Years, and St. Paddy’s Day. These occasions are a free pass to let your guard down and just have fun; it’s when guys realize that conversation does not lead to us Single Gals wanting to be their Baby Momma.

This is also an occasion for us Single Gals to let our guard down, be fun and flirty and realize that we can have a conversation with a guy and he does not have to be our future Baby Daddy. As for me it’s a good excuse for a Girl’s Night, where we can wear silly t-shirts, eat greasy pub food and drink enough beer so that by the end of the night I actually think I look like this:

If you are celebrating St. Paddy’s Day today be fun, flirty and social, remember you may not meet your future Baby Daddy but you may hook up with a HOT Irish boy because you’ve drunk enough green beer to actually think he looks like this:

Cheers to Green Beer!!

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