Having a dry spell? Haven’t had any action in a while? Well maybe you need to be Vajazzeled!! There are many stupid ideas out there and yes I sometimes wish I were the Jackass that created them. This is one of those ideas.  
What is Vajazzle? The web site states that it is the latest beauty trend? brings you easy-to-apply Vajazzle designs that you can wear all over your body on all kinds of occasions. But as the name and picture imply these lovely little decals are meant to decorate our Va JJ, Fur Taco, love muffin, the man cave. Whatever, you get the idea.
I think this is totally ridiculous but at the same time I know that there are a million Snooki wannabe’s out there that would think this was FANTASTIC and the Vajazzle Company will make their fortune and call it a day. So ladies if you are so bold to Vazzale yourself let us know if it spices up your life? Or did you end up with sparkly bits stuck in your juicy fruit jungle (my personal favourite)?
Guys do not worry you too can get Pezalled! Just think you can swing your thing all covered in bling!

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