23 Degrees of roasted goodness..

Nothing perks a gal up better than a good cup of Joe. Okay maybe a new pair of shoes or a smile from the hottie you’ve been crushing on is a little better…but let’s be real we all know that doesn’t happen every day. For you coffee drinking gals out there, it is our morning cup of coffee that sets the tone for our day. I know I can’t function without it!
Recently a friend had recommended that I try 23 Degrees Roastery, they are a Toronto company that makes organic fair trade coffee. This appeals to me because they are local, organic and fair trade all good things.
They have five different blends; there is the Mugshot (Espresso), Suckerpunch, Morning Star, Liquid Mettle, and Declawed (decaf).  I tried the Morning Star a light/medium roast which they described as a smooth, mid-bodied brew that brings the scent of fresh fruits to help start, or brighten, your day. Not only did it brighten up my day but that of my fellow co-workers since I thought I’d share this find with the office.  The tantalizing aroma had my co-workers running to the lunch room to see what was a brewing. They all walked and away happily sipping a fresh cup of liquid gold.  
A friend of mine has tried the Mugshot (espresso) because she and her husband have espresso every evening after dinner. They loved it! The only problem was that the bag was not big enough they finished it in 3days!
Next one that I plan to try is the Liquid Mettle described as a rich, full-bodied coffee with chocolate tones, deep wine–like berry and earthy flavours.  Chocolate tones! Deep wine-like berry and earthy flavours! It’s like they made this special for the Ladies! I am waiting until I have the gals over to try it because I think it will be a big success.
Not only is the packaging eye catching with the cool 23 Degrees logo but the coffee is delicious. I highly recommend that all you coffee drinkers give it a try. You can find 23 Degrees on shelves in health food stores throughout Toronto; check out their facebook fan page for more info. 
Happy Brewing!    
Single Gals Approved!


  1. mmmm sounds great..I love trying different coffee blends.

  2. I love Liquid Mettle!

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