Love who you are…

I attend Pilates classes and I had the weirdest conversation with the lady beside me. One of the people in the class had just gotten back from vacation and was a nice tanned colour (probably my colour or darker) and our instructor commented on her glow.

The Indian women beside me looked my way (because we are a similar skin tone) and said “I never understood why white people want to get darker when we want to be lighter.” I looked at her and said “I like my skin tone and I’m not trying to get lighter”. Really who does she think I am Michael Jackson? She quickly realized I wasn’t in her “mind set” so she over corrected her comment and said “Yes, really who wants to be a pasty white.” Now I’m not shocked about having this conversation because South Asian people are messed up (yes I’m being politically incorrect but I have issues and justified one’s about Indians) and although I may look Indian I correct people and say I’m South African Indian and really Canadian because that is what I am. My heritage may be something but what I identify with is a whole other thing. Yes I embrace my exotic Aishwarya Rai type look but in the end I am more than a skin colour or my ethnic heritage.

I saw a show on TV about skin lightening products and how they are hot sellers throughout Asia and not only for Indians, but Thai, Phillipino etc…So single ladies if you have someone say something off kilter to you don’t be afraid to comment back because maybe they’ll actually learn something (we can only hope).

In the end the most important thing for you to remember is to be true to who you are and above all love yourself, pasty white, tanned or dark and lovely.

Queen B

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