Hello Biatches,

“I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat. We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many, many long months of struggle and of suffering. You ask, what is our policy? I can say: It is to wage war”…(Winston Churchill)

Yes Ladies we are going to wage war! War against technology! War against online dating! Most of all war against Pussies…you know the men that have no balls or back bone! I have told Hopeful, that the Single Gals Team, while quite bitchin’ are just too Fuckin’ nice!

Don’t get me wrong I love men. I love sex and rock n roll. While on the topic of sex, what’s your favourite song to do it to?

Black leather boots, glass of red wine, and Closer by NIN playing in the background makes for a great night in! Be warned if your performance is not up to par, I’ll bite your head off and bury you in my underground cellar with all the other useless misrepresentations of the male species.

Happy Hunting Ladies!

The Black Widow

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