New Grist Gluten Free Beer

Lately I have notice that beer, my favorite alcoholic beverage, has not been agreeing with me. I tried different brands from light brews to dark ales and I wouldn’t feel good even after just one drink. I’m thinking that there is something in regular beer that I may be allergic to. So I started looking for alternatives, and I came across New Grist Gluten Free Beer made with sorghum (a grain), rice extract, hops, water, and gluten-free yeast.
This pale ale has a bitter slightly fruity flavor, at first I was a little thrown off by the fruity flavor but after a few sips it grows on you and it tastes quite good. The best part is there is no bloating or cramping like what I typically feel from regular beer. Also New Grist has a 5.7% Alcohol so it is a little stronger, so be careful especially if you are a light drinker!
So if you are a beer drinker and lately you think that maybe beer does not like you or if you’re just looking for something that tastes a little different, then give this one a try!

This product is Single Gals Approved

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