My Sex is on Fire

I would like to introduce you to ‘Commando Barbie‘, she endured the torture of getting a Brazilian wax done for her new beau and this is her story.

I recently started seeing someone who lives in the States and after some fantastic visits, along came the request “I would love it if you would have everything waxed”. Ugghh! I was used to getting bikini waxes but had never gotten a full Brazilian done before! He had sort of hap-hazardly mentioned it before as well, so I thought I would book an appointment and surprise him for his next visit.

I made the appointment for Friday evening as he was going to be flying in on Saturday afternoon. All week I was preparing myself mentally and doing the daily countdown until it became the hourly countdown. I figured that although it may hurt and be a bit embarrassing in front of the waxer, my new beau was definitely going to make this worth my while!

When I got to my appointment, I made a point of telling the waxer that I had never done this before and that I felt a bit nervous. She told me that it hurts the most the first time. The second time, it feels a bit less intense and after that it will not be nearly as sensitive. That made sense to me- it doesn’t bother me in the least now to get my eyebrows done, and my bikini line is no longer that sensitive……

Despite my mental preparations, I turned into a complete sweaty, nervous mess lying half naked on the paper covered table. She had me pull on my skin to hold it in place while she waxed and ripped away. However, after a few rips, a very strange thing happened! I was barely tolerating the situation when she bent over and started blowing on me! She then tore another strip and then blew, another strip and then blew. I have to say that realizing what she was doing did take the pain away for a moment as I was so taken by surprise. And then oddly, it actually gave me some relief on my burning self! Oh, it was burning! I believe I actually laughed a little at the hilarity of the situation. I was paying someone to cause me complete and utter discomfort! And this woman is actually blowing on my vagina and I am not yelling at her to stop!

Then she began waxing along the middle. My finding the situation funny immediately turned to complete anger with this pain. I first wanted to punch her in the face and then I wanted to rip every hair out of my new boyfriend’s body. I actually stopped her for a second to ask her if I could book an appointment for him. She said no. As the grand finale, she had me flip over and waxed my ass crack, which oddly was not sensitive. However, that is something I would rather not do ever again.

I left for home walking with my legs spread and still feeling raw anger, I ruined the surprise by texting my boyfriend to tell him how annoyed I was at him over the whole experience.

I was still sore when I picked him up from the airport and he felt terrible for having made the request. But, by the next day it was fine! I did feel a bit shy about him seeing me as I felt a very different level of nakedness and I’m still not used to it. But yes, he did make it worth my while.

Will I do it again? I am highly doubtful. However, if I do decide to give it a second try (perhaps while drunk) I will go to another place that Hopeful in TO recommended.

Commando Barbie

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