Online Dating…WTF?

Well it is not 1.5 months later on eHarmony and there is still no improvement in my dating life. Online dating seems to be an outlet for the socially challenged or the over the top romantic ( A.K.A The Cheese Ball).

For the socially challenged, eHarmony is great because you have to communicate by sending sets of questions to the woman of interest. It gives these poor socially challenged males security. They can communicate with numerous women and never have it go anywhere. Yet at the same time it fills their delusions that they are out there socializing and are actually quite the stud because they have been chatting with 3 potential matches.

Then there is the guy that puts down that “creating romance in a relationship” is one of his best life skills!? What the hell does that mean, seriously is that to impress the ladies? If that is your greatest life skill, then why are you single? It just makes me think that he’s the guy who’s always hanging off of you, who can’t just chill and have a drink without having candles and a fire. In my experience, guys that go out of their way to create romance have nothing else to offer. Everything is over the top because they don’t know how to do the little things.

This is the worst type of guy because they live out this fantasy in their heads then when reality hits and their fantasy doesn’t match the illusion, it’s all downhill from there. At this point the self-absorbed ass comes out and all he does is whine and complain because you should be blown away by the trail of rose petals leading to your car. PLEASE!!!! I rather someone hold my hair back after having had 1 tequila shot too many on a night out with the girls. Now that’s romance!!

Lets not forget the guys that don’t post a picture, I know he’s probably thinking “if that special someone is serious about meeting someone then they should not worry about what a person looks like”…actually Jack Ass we do worry! Posting a picture gives us a sense of who you are, a smile does say a thousand words, besides, why should you be able to check out everyone else’s pictures but they can’t look at you! PREVERT!

Now my favorite is the guy that only puts up a picture of his abs. What are you trying to say with this picture? Are you seriously looking for a relationship or a booty call? If it’s a booty call I have two words for you ‘Lave Life”.

You’re probably wondering where I fit in on eHarmony…to be honest I’m not sure. I am in no means socially challenged and nor is one of my life skills “creating romance in a relationship”. However back in the day I have held the hair of one or two of my long haired rock star wanna be boyfriends after he had one tequila shot too many. So maybe I do create romance??!! Oh no I’m just another Cheese Ball! I guess I should change my profile and put a picture up of my ass which looks great in my Lulu Lemons. Hell if you can’t beat em, join em!!

Single Gal

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