The Rules

I started reading this book called The Rules – time tested secrets for capturing the heart of Mr. Right. If you’re thinking ‘What the Hell?!”…trust me I thought the same thing. I can honestly say this book gets under my skin. I thought being genuine, upfront and honest was always the best way to act and now some book is telling me that’s all wrong? According to “the rules”, you have to play “the game”. “What game?” you ask. This book describes “the game” as the chasing game. You have to be and look so unattainable that the man you really want can think of nothing else but how to attain you. Here are some examples of what “The Rules” say a girl should do.

We have all cancelled plans with our friends because we got ask out on a date, of course our friends always understand. But by being available for this last minute date is also telling this potential ‘boyfriend’ that you are always available for him. This translates into man speak as “What’s the fun in that? There is no chase” and then you never hear from him again. So what a “Rules” girl would do is tell him they’re busy and then let him ask you out again. The writers of “The Rules” guarantee that he will call and ask again.

The book also suggests that you never leave the house without make-up. They say to put lipstick on even if you go for a jog. I have a huge problem with this tip since I never wear make-up. I figure my “Mr. Right” would appreciate me just as I am. Apparently in time he will appreciate me, but to get him, I have to play the game and put my best face forward at all times. Since I’ve been single for 3 years, maybe my natural approach really is not working and I just need to put on a little lipstick….how hard can that be? I’m going to buy some make-up and give this a try. I’ll update you all on my progress.

In the meantime ladies here are some examples of the “Rules” we should be following:

1) Be a ‘creature unlike any other’ (not sure what it means, but it definitely sounds intriguing!)
2) Don’t talk to a man first (this includes small talk in any form)
3) Don’t stare at a man or talk too much
4) Don’t meet him halfway or go dutch on a date
5) Don’t call him & rarely return his calls
6) Always end the conversation first
7) Don’t accept a Saturday night date after a Wednesday date
8) Fill up your time before the date
9) Always end the date first
10) No more than casual kissing on the first date

Basically if you are single and have been for a while, obviously what you are doing is not working for you and now it is time to do the opposite.

For all you ladies that live in Toronto, tread lightly with these rules because our men are not like other Canadian men or the bold, self assured American man. No, from what we have dated Toronto men are a little different. If we play too hard and fast by these rules, they will most likely sulk rather than chase. This is because they are used to having everything handed to them and chasing or going after what they want is quite a foreign and scary idea. Good luck to us all, as not only do we need to master the rules but we need to find a date first in order to practice those rules, where is the book on that!

Single Gal

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