Crushes Make You Stupid…

On Daisy of love this weekend London returns. Ok, London was Daisy’s favorite from day one, but he could not handle the pressure of the house so he left. He has now returned because he regrets leaving. Well once again this boy manages to mess Daisy up. She doesn’t know whether she is coming or going. She gets clumsy around him, she is nervous and basically has it real bad for this boy. Even though he broke Daisy’s heart by leaving the show she is willing to give him another chance. Why? Because he makes her week in the knees. You cannot analyze this because it’s unexplainable and Daisy herself would tell you she has no clue why this boy has such a hold on her.

I have recently had this happen to me. Upon seeing this particular man (we’ll call him “Hesus” like Jesus, but pronounced “Hesus”) for the first time I was rendered speechless and I have no idea why. It was like a shock to my system all before I even spoke to him. I cannot explain the attraction, as I think we lead very different lifestyles. Single Chick said she does not think he could handle my Rock N Roll lifestyle (which by the way is very low on the Rock N Roll lifestyle scale these days). When I’m around “Hesus” I try to speak but I swear nothing intelligent comes out, it’s as if I lost all my brains cells. I can relate to where Daisy is coming from and I feel for her because she is doing this on TV.
Thankfully I only have Single Chick to witness such uncoolness.

Now you’re probably asking yourself “What’s a girl to do when this happens?”, well in Daisy’s case she is lucky she can just pick London as her man of choice. For those of us that do not have this option hopefully you are lucky enough to have that feeling reciprocated and he will ask you out. If he has not asked you out do not get discouraged, the object of your affection may not even know you are interested in him (guys can be very clueless even when it is obvious). At this point you have to take matters into your own hands if you want to end the obsession. If you are the very brave sort and can get his number then give him a call, or send him a text if it makes it easier. If you have his e-mail ask him out for a drink, this is the option that I chose. I will be honest and say it was very hard to do. I was so nervous I re-wrote that one lined e-mail at least a 100 times. Finally as I was staring at the send button I get an e-mail from Single Chick and all it said was “Just Do It!!!” that’s when I hit send. After sending that e-mail I can honestly say I felt better, kind of good actually…fearless…like I could conquer anything in this jungle of dating disasters!

I didn’t get a response until 2 weeks later. His response was very nice, he said sorry for not responding sooner but that he was currently seeing someone. I feel relieved and can now put this crush to rest. I also believe it’s not that big of a deal ask someone out for a drink if you’re interested, even if it doesn’t go the way you want it to. It is better to try then to never have taken the chance because one day that chance will pay off.

By the way I agree with Daisy, there is just something about London I really don’t blame her.

Single Gal

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