Dear Single Gals,

I know I should be doing something with my partners balls………but I don’t know what?! What do guys like? Touching, tickling, sucking? I’m so confused!

Jingle Jangle

Dear Jingle Jangle,

First of all, I believe the majority of men like all of the above, but you should really ask your partner what he wants done. Communication is key.

A girlfriend of mine once read in Cosmo about tying a scrunchy around the balls while sucking or fucking…I’ve never tried this, and have no idea where you could buy a scrunchy now a days, but it’s worth a try. Also, placing a small ice cube in your mouth while sucking the balls (or any other part of the member) seems to get em’ going too. Really, the male organ is not that complicated.

Good luck!

Single Gals

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