The Fountain of Youth.

Here is the latest issue of Life & Style Weekly on newsstands now. My first reaction was AS IF!!! I seriously do not believe Angelina is worrying about getting old or losing movie roles to a younger “clone of herself”. First, she is too busy adopting half the third world and as a friend stated when hearing this “I highly doubt that Angelina is sitting there thinking she needs to play Shia LeBoeuf’s girlfriend in a Transformers movie. Really that is redonkulous!” I’m not sure why people buy these magazines because I think they just cause insecurities. If Angelina is worried about getting old what’s the average gal gonna do? Since getting older is a fact of life why don’t they start promoting the art of growing old gracefully? What happened to seeing the beauty in laugh lines or the wisdom behind those wrinkles? You don’t get wrinkles without learning a few things along the way. The North American culture fights so hard against aging. We all want to be 20 forever and we have no respect for the elderly or what they could teach us but instead are more focused on our “deep wrinkles” and “crows feet”. The saddest thing about this story is they will rerun it with a million different angles for weeks to come and even though we are smart gals, eventually it will start to seep into our subconscious and we’ll be contemplating botox before we know it. Because if Angie’s worrying, then so should we. It is a constant struggle to find the fountain of youth and ladies; I am going to share it with you. The secret to the fountain of youth is WATER! There is no special fountain to get water, any fountain will do as long as there is water coming out of it. Well I guess I should go put on my Olay Definity Night Restorative Sleep Cream (Diminishes hyperpigmentation, discoloration PLUS wrinkles for luminous skin). Hey, it’s the least this average gal can do or I may get pushed off the sidewalk to make room for a younger version.

Single Gal

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