Question of the Week

Dear Single Gals,

When do you think the shift from “Men being men” to ‘Men being pansies” occurred and why?


I think the shift occurred when feminism became very prominent and the birth control pill became accessible in the 60’s. In other words, feminism screwed us consistently single gals. Back in the day, men were “men” because they went to work, paid the bills, voted, fixed the house and could get a woman pregnant. They were in charge (or at least thought they were). Then these damn feminists came along and screamed bloody murder about equal rights and gave away our secrets (that we’re smarter, more pain tolerant and just damn better). As soon as it became evident that women could pretty much do everything a man could do (and do it better) and enjoy sex without getting pregnant, is when the man freaked out and lost his balls. It was a sad day when we started growing our armpit hair (but please don’t do that).

Single Chick


  1. I love this answer Single Chick!!!

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