Is It me?

Dear Single Gals,

Am I the only girl out there that thinks it must be me and that’s why I’m single?

Is it me

Dear Is it me,

NO you are not the first girl to feel that way. We here a Single Gals feel that way after every dating disaster. We remind each other all the time that we are great Gals and we are worthy of a great guy. You are worthy as well and just because something did not work out the way wanted, you cannot blame yourself. I do believe if it was meant to be, it is going to be easy and everything will just fall into place. Just remember to be yourself at all times and don’t alter your life, beliefs or wants for anyone else in the hopes that it could work. Compromising is one thing, but to change who you are is another. And, remember to live in the present moment, it’ll ease that dating anxiety! On that note, you will have to date a few duds to get to the real deal but in the meantime remember you are awesome!!

If you ever need a little pick me up just contact us here at Single Gals and we will be more than happy to remind you of your awesomeness!!

Single Gals

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