‘Man’ – Power Movement …Seriously Dudes

Saturday morning I was enjoying my morning coffee and watching Good Morning America Weekend edition when they aired the following story…


Talk about a good way to harsh a Gals morning mellow.

Seriously boys, come on! A “Men in Power” group? I hate to burst your bubble but men have not stopped being in power. Where is this fear of losing your power coming from? Is it because a woman gave a man a run for his money in the last presidential election? In case you haven’t noticed, the man won that race, so your manhood is still safe. As far as men not feeling of value because they become stay at home dads and still feel that this is a women’s job, YES you should take a course on being a man because a real man would jump into that roll and provide for his family by taking care of them. That is not the role of women, who deemed that it was? A man of course! So you only have yourself to blame for feeling inadequate. If the powers that be (MEN) had put more value on what a woman does, then men would not have these doubts about their manhood. Being a provider is not just about being a financial provider. You provide by giving your family support, love, and guidance. I think this student in Chicago should get a Real Man to teach these boys tips on how to be a Man… Boys if you need to ask what that is then you are obviously not man matured yet!!

I have to agree with everything Single Gal has to say. The fact that this is an issue or “becoming” an issue for men, just shows that men have become whiny baby’s and aren’t men anymore. My dad cooked, cleaned, drove us around and did all the things deemed a “women’s” job, while my mom worked a 9-5 “suite” job in the city. And he was all man while he did it. My sister and I never got the feeling that this was not his job because we know he enjoyed it. He never had to join any groups to keep his manhood in tact, because it never faltered. I think my dad has ruined men for me because I fear I will never find one like him, they are a dying species.

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